100 Thieves’s CouRage Involved in Second Car Accident in a Week

Fortunately, everyone involved is safe and sound when 100 Thieves gamer CouRage revealed in a tweet how he’s unhurt in a second car accident within the span of a week.

He explained he got rear-ended while driving around in Los Angeles, making the incident his second car accident in just a few days.

With the state of traffic, it admittedly takes guts to drive around Los Angeles.

It’s also putting unnecessary stress on CouRage’s part by getting rear-ended on the road.

Last December 5, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop informed his fans that he was involved in his first car accident.

As he waited for the stop light to turn green, he was rear-ended by a distracted driver who was busy on their phones.

CouRage himself highlighted the importance of not texting while driving, which a lot of people still have to fully understand.

“Just got into my first “car accident” ever!

I was parked at a red light and a woman who was on her phone drove into the back of my car.

Thankfully no damage and nobody was hurt.


Only a few days after that incident, Jack’s car was subject to another accident — as he was sitting as a red stop light yet again.

This time, the driver was allegedly going much faster and even caused serious damage to the rear of the vehicle.

“So…just got into my second car accident.

Guy just drove straight into the back of me while sitting at a red light. He must’ve been going 30 miles an hour.

Thankfully, it seems everyone is alright. For f**ks sake.”

Everyone expressed their relief on Twitter that the famed streamer himself is safe and alright. Although, CouRage was quick to reassure his followers that everyone involved is indeed okay.

Jack had this particular car for less than two years now, and it had gone without any accidents until the last two these past weeks.

The bright side of it all was that no one was hurt in either of the two accidents.

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