Call of Duty Mobile’s season 8: Highrise map, new Battlepass, Juggernaut mode

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 8 is here! The new season is promptly called “The Forge,” heavily inspired by post-apocalyptic elements.

Season 8 also launched with the new Highrise map, a Juggernaut mode, and a brand new Battle Pass.

Main highlights

Key highlights of the new season update includes the new multiplayer map Highrise and game mode Juggernaut.

Highrise first made its appearance in the 2009 title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The said map is set atop a skyscraper surrounded by office buildings on opposite sides.

The fan-favorite mid-size Multiplayer map offers a wide variety of engagements across an open roof-top, close quarter offices, and throughout a multi-tiered layout that challenges at every turn.

SMGs, shotguns, and assault rifles (ARs) will be the best choice here and adaptable to most scenarios.

This map is available on a wide variety of permanent and limited modes, such as Juggernaut, Attack of the Undead, Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy and Domination.

Juggernaut, the new multiplayer mode, is previously a part of 2011’s Modern Warfare 3. Five players attempt to take down and take the place of the Juggernaut.

The game mode has been revamped with fresh new mechanics to make it unique to COD: Mobile. Firstly, the Juggernaut is the X-51 Goliath (scorestreak) equipped with a death machine and plenty of armor.

There will be no loadouts, but players will be able to find and use armament boxes that provide operator skills (war machine, sparrow, death machine) or buffs.

  • Total Players: 6
  • Any player that takes down the Juggernaut becomes the Juggernaut
  • No Loadouts, Operator Skills (outside of armament boxes), or scorestreaks are available
  • The first player to reach the score limit wins

Surviving the wasteland

Activision announced that the post-apocalyptic-inspired season will feature new in-game characters, items, and season events centered around surviving in the wasteland.

The free version of the season Battle Pass includes a new perk at Tier 14 called as Shrapnel- which allows a player to spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment.

A new weapon can also be unlocked at Tier 21, the assault rifle DR-H. This short to mid-range weapon has unique attachments and a strong damage output, but players will have to effectively control its high recoil.

The OTM is a new attachment for this weapon and it increases any shots that hit an enemy player’s body.

Here’s a quick summary of what the BP has to offer:

Free Battle Pass

  • Perk – Shrapnel (tier 14)
  • New Weapon – DR-H – Common (tier 21)
  • PDW-57 – Desperate Measures (tier 41)
  • RUS-79U – Desperate Measures (tier 50)

Premium Battle Pass

  • Tank Dempsey – Wrecker (tier 1)
  • KN-44 – Living Rust (tier 1)
  • Tank – Wrecked (tier 1)
  • Reaper – The Grinder (tier 12)
  • Prophet – Dust Bowl (tier 30)
  • AK117 – Kit Bag (tier 40)
  • Emote – Rage Quit (tier 49)
  • Kreuger – Reaper (tier 50)
  • DR-H – Chained (tier 50)
  • Legendary Calling Card – Hot Metal (tier 50)

Outside the Battle Pass-exclusive goodies, other items will also be available to grind for this new season. Players can unlock new Seasonal challenges (Survival of the Fittest, Master Operator, Maximum Efficiency) and new events (Solstice Awakened Event and Days of Summer Event).

Call of Duty: Mobile’s newest addition, the Highrise multiplayer map, is also reported to come over to 2019’s Modern Warfare (as a part of the game’s Season 5).

Happy grinding, soldiers!

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