Riot Games introduces new Valorant ban system coming soon

Riot will now inform Valorant players with notifications about the reason why they got banned. This is a key feature of the game’s new anti-cheating update.

The new system will notify cheaters why they have been banned in-game, and Riot will roll out the update soon.

Dealing with cheaters

Riot has been consistently dealing with cheaters on titles including League of Legends, and this time on Valorant.

The company now decides to take a more direct approach with its anti-cheat system.

Once you’re caught cheating in-game, expect severe punishments coming your way.

Extreme measures

It’s considerably an extreme decision to make for Riot. There’s also immense criticism over Vanguard, Riot’s anti-cheat system, and its kernel-level drivers.

However, the developers are sticking with it to make sure the players are safe from cheaters and place utmost security for their newest tactical shooter title.

Thanks to Vanguard, hundreds to thousands of cheaters have been kicked out of the game.

It now comes along with a notification post (why they are banned for) because of the latest update.

Valorant Game Director Joe Ziegler explains in a tweet:

“Heads up! Our platform team has put in a new system will be going live soon that will inform players if they have been banned and for what reason when they log in.”

Once handed a ban for cheating, the message will include:

“PERMANENT SUSPENSION. This account has been permanently banned due to the use of prohibited third-party software and will be unable to access VALORANT.”

Riot also emphasizes the importance of a safe gameplay environment for its players:

“Ths type of behavior causes damage to our community and the game’s competitive integrity. This action will not be reversed.”

Fans are divided

On July 2, Riot announced a wave of bans with over 3707 apprehended accounts unable to log into the game.

Phillip Koskinas, Principal Anti-Cheat Engineer, confirmed the numbers in a reply to Vanguard’s Twitter handle:

“Taking action to remove a large amount of cheaters from VALORANT permanently. Players who have submitted reports against these individuals will be notified if they are currently logged on. Thank you for helping keep VALORANT a safe and highly competitive gaming experience.”

Some fans are rejoicing over the new ban system update:

“Let’s gooo maybe we can finaly grind without some of them”

“What’s fun about cheating? It takes the fun away of being scared when your the last one alive.”

Meanwhile, others are getting worried over the increasing number of ‘false’ bans. One user says he got banned for merely playing on a smurf account:

“why i got banned for no reason while i dont use cheat in my life i just make smurf account to play with friend and enjoy game i so scade to get banned my main account because i bought skinn on it i dont wanna lose it for no reason”

“Great! and Vanguard actually Banned innocent people!

If any of you get Banned, contact Tencent and your account would come back in few days!”

There’s still a long way to go for Vanguard to achieve its maximum potential, but it’s good to see cheaters being weeded out of the game this early.

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