Jenna Marbles celebrates 20M milestone by napping

Youtuber Jenna Marbles chose to celebrate her 20 million milestone on YT by taking a nap.

This is a special week for the Youtuber as she just surpassed the 20M subscriber mark on her channel. Marbles then decided to celebrate the occasion in a truly unique way — napping.

A celebration fit for an amazing occasion, to which no other established Youtuber has ever done before.

She just hit over 20 million subscribers on her YT account where she constantly uploads video blogs.

33-year-old Jenna Marbles, an established Youtuber who’s also a dog mom, houseplant enthusiast, and queen of relatable content, filmed the video where she wore a cozy sweater in a no-make up look.

She goes on to explain to his subscribers why she’s celebrating the milestone by taking a nap:

Let’s be real. I’ve been on YouTube for 10 years, give or take, and this is a milestone in the most selfish of ways,

she said, wearing glasses, no makeup, and a very cozy looking sweater.

I’m honestly very tired. Ten years of doing anything just makes you pretty tired. I just want to be selfish and take a nap. I’ve had a good run of being awake during the daytime and I’d like to change that.

After taking off her glasses, pulling a warm and fuzzy blanket over her, and cuddling her dogs — the Youtuber then drifted off to dreamland.

I can’t believe anybody’s actually watching this

Marbles said in an echoing narration while she snoozed off.

Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am, and thankful to all of you for your support. And I genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, just want to say thank you.

Fans appreciated her unique way of celebrating the milestone.

One user even juxtaposed her with other content creators when it comes to achieving big milestones:

Other youtubers when they hit 20M: celebrates and has party
Jenna when she hits 20M: *takes nap*

She further clarified there’s no hate intended to Jenna though. As a matter of fact, she does love the Youtuber so much.

Another fan commented:

When Jenna’s voice appears in the video like an Angel speaking from heaven xD

Seems like her loyal fans remain to be smitten and enchanted by the Youtube star regardless of what she does.

As of writing, the celebratory milestone video has over 2,504,235 views.

Good to know how Jenna’s fans continue to devotedly follow the life of the star — even when she’s only getting some much-deserved rest!

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