Ninja shares thoughts over pre-recorded YT videos vs live broadcasts

In a recent tweet, Ninja shared his thoughts over pre-recorded YT videos vs. live broadcasts:


What made the streamer say something so controversial yet so brave?

Many seem to share the same thought, as Ninja’s comment garnered 12,179 likes.

DJ and fellow content creator DJ MoonDawg agreed to Ninja’s sentiments:

The streaming trend was just recently discovered years ago.

It latched onto a craze nobody knew existed: the desire to watch people play video games in real-time.

Unlike traditional content creators on Youtube who can edit and tweak their videos, streamers have to broadcast everything in real time.

However, both parties’ continued efforts must be duly acknowledged, as they both work hard in producing content for their audience.

Streamers are always trying to outdo themselves in an effort to remain competitive and relevant in a field of hundreds.

This has led to a series of mishaps caught in real time.

Streaming sisters Bri and Katie Teresi had their joint channel suspended after they kept their stream going while at the wheel.

Similarly, Mitch Jones also got banned from the platform for looking at his phone while driving during a live stream.

During an outdoor pool live by the Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty, things quickly took a NSFW turn when her friend decided to do a quick wardrobe change – all while being directly in view of the camera.

The advent of IRL streaming paved way for many internet personalities to broadcast not just their gameplays but also their everyday lives for everyone to see.

The demand from viewers, the constant pressure of needing to provide content and perform, is an internal battle that just about every streamer deals with.

There’s no direct explanation what prompted Ninja to share his thoughts about the matter out of the blue. But, it’s important to acknowledge the efforts each streamer pours every time the camera goes live.

If anything, it’s worth applauding for.

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