Ninja hits back at critics for backseat gaming

It turns out nothing irks streamers more than mean critics in the chat telling them how to play the game better.

Pro-streamers like Ninja spend majority of their time and schedule playing games to stream across platforms.

Their following won’t grow to millions if not for their impressive skill and talents, but as it turns out, even a pro player even can’t impress just about everyone.

Tyler Blevins, more known to the online community as the pro-streamer “Ninja”, hits back at his chat after a couple of spectators went to critique his Fortnite gameplay in a flurry of misplaced shots.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has been recently released. Players across the globe are quickly adjusting to the new map environment and a few changes made to the battle royale game.

This includes the introduction of a new nautical mode of transport, plus the ability to fish for items or loot. However, the recent alterations to the in-game mechanics has left Ninja seething — or so it seems.

There has been a few issues regarding the new map adjustment. Since the Chapter 2 release on October 15, a common issue raised by players has been the stuttering frame rate.

Performance issues aside, players are still getting accustomed to the new Fortnite gameplay. Most notably, Ninja — who is famed for his Fortnite streams, seems to struggle to the new generation of the game.

In a recent livestream, the streamer found himself in a series of 1-on-1 encounters, which would typically be lightwork for the famous Fortnite star. However, after some rogue shots, he found himself on the disadvantaged side of his duels.

As he absorbed the blunder of his misfired shots, Ninja adjusted his in-game sensitivity before he attempted to blow off some steam towards his raging chat.

Listen guys, I need all of you guys to stop giving me advice. Okay?!

I don’t need to stick with the team more; it wasn’t a bad push; I wasn’t too aggressive… I literally f**king choked.

It seems like a series of uncalled comments agitated the Fortnite star in the height of pressure and tension.

Ninja, who was evidently frustrated, claimed that Epic Games could have made some more minute, silent changes on Fortnite 2. The game felt foreign even to him, a Fortnite veteran.

For someone who devotedly plays the game on a regular basis, Ninja’s claims are of course to be considered.

The transition to Chapter 2 has been a bumpy road for Fortnite so far.

It might be a matter of time before we see the top streamers like Ninja to get back on top and prove to his enemies how dominating them is nothing more than a light work.

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