Shroud promises huge gift for Dr Disrespect if he does a 24-hour CoD stream

Shroud promises he’ll gift 200 subscribers to Dr Disrespect if the latter will take on the challenge of doing a 24-hr Call of Duty: Modern Warfare stream.

How much will this cost Shroud, exactly? A whooping 1,000 USD.

This may just give Dr Disrespect more reasons to do the 24 hr broadcast for CoD: Modern Warfare, which he teased his fans on Oct 17:

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, went to join the hype by saying he’ll gift 200 subs to his fellow Twitch superstar if he takes on the day-long broadcast.

Here’s the catch though, Shroud personally doesn’t believe that the Doc will last through an entire 24-hour stream.

Dr Disrespect usually streams for about five to six hours. However, he’s made it clear that he powers through these livestreams like it’s a piece of cake:

Just because I get off after five or six hours, doesn’t mean that I’m beat.

Self-described as “the most ruthless competitor in the online gaming community,” the Doc may just take up Shroud on this challenge.

For the record, Dr Disrespect has never done a 24-hour livestream before, not even with his top games such as Apex Legends and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

He also doesn’t spend that much time playing the beta version of Modern Warfare. From a statistics website Sullygnome, it turns out he’s only played 12 hours of the game in the last 30 days.

Shroud is willing to bet on it and spend 1,000 USD on gifted subs should the Doc completes the stream.

On the other hand, if Dr Disrespect fails to do the challenge, he won’t get any repercussions. He won’t have to spend a dime if he doesn’t deliver.

The odds seem to be in his favor this time.

Regarding the idea of a possible 24-hour stream, Dr Disrespect said he’ll probably squad up with known CoD pros like Matthew Piper (FormaL) and Seth Abner (Scump) to make sure he doesn’t suffer a 24 hour losing streak.

Fans are eager to see if the Doc will make this 24-hour CoD: MW a reality after the game fully launches on Oct. 25.

There is a lot of anticipation and excitement surrounding the Oct 25 release of Modern Warfare. Interestingly, a lot of content creators are planning to get involved in the launch even if they do not usually stream Call of Duty as their primary game.

Both Shroud and Dr Disrespect are among the top streamers who will be playing a lot of the game after its release.

The latter might want to stock up on energy drinks and protein bars as soon as he can!

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