Ninja does the #GoodThingChallenge, continues streak from Zedd

Streamers, along with celebrities, are among the influential people who can use their platform for a good cause.

With thousands to millions of subscribers, these top streamers can help a cause gain footing just by one retweet or a like.

Ninja is among those influencers who are using their platform to make a good change in the world. He has over 5.2M followers on Twitter and 22.4 M subscribers on Youtube.

Earlier this year, the streamer bid adieu to his 14.6 M Twitch followers as he moved to stream exclusively on Mixer.

He is famed for playing video games professionally since 2009, initially playing Halo 3 for various eSports teams. Ninja moved to streaming in 2011, initially playing H1Z1 before hitting more views and hits in Fortnite.

In a tweet on Oct 22, the streaming icon pledged his support to the #GoodThingChallenge:

He then tagged his fellow content creators to spread on the happy vibes.

also I Nominate @timthetatman‪@CouRageJD ‬and ‪@DrLupo‬

The #GoodThingChallenge is garnering attention across celebrities and online influencers. It is a challenge where, simply put, you do something good for someone else.

Professional DJ and songwriter Zedd is said to have started the trend.

The “good thing” may be as simple as a small favor, paying for a meal, being polite with your customer service representative… Or it can be something big like a donation or fund raiser.

Ninja’s chosen fundraiser was for Jacob’s cat Apollo, who got unexpectedly sick for weeks now.

Jacob “JacobHysteria” Reiser also took it to Twitter to explain his beloved feline friend’s current situation:


Hollywood celebrities are also seen doing the challenge. Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) himself posted a tweet encouraging everyone, not only other celebrities and friends, to partake on the trend.

Turns out, celebrities and internet personalities alike are hand in hand in spreading the good cheer to everyone.

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