Riot Games India confirm Valorant Mumbai servers on Oct. 14

After a new MENA Valorant region was just recently confirmed by Riot, players from South Asia are also treated with an exclusive Mumbai server of their own.

Valorant Indian servers will be available from Oct 14, which is designed to greatly improve the connection for players in the said region.

A nation with quite a number of Valorant players can now enjoy the game at a much lower ping, compared to what they are used to on the SEA servers.

Global servers

Riot stays true to its commitment on making Valorant’s general gaming experience better for players across the world, this time for Indian players and its surrounding countries.

The Mumbai game server is scheduled to go live on Oct. 14, as Riot confirmed. The addition of a new server should significantly lower the in-game ping and connection issues for Valorant players in the region.

An official announcement tweet was made by Valorant’s India & South Asia Twitter handle:

“VALORANT Mumbai game servers will go live on the 14th of Oct 2020 and will be part of our SEA shard.

Players in IN, SL, BD, NP, BH & ML will get connected to the new Mum servers and players in PK will be playing on the new Bahrain server.

No account or ID transfer needed.


Most recently, Riot announced dedicated servers for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions that would be introduced with Act III.

Arabic language support for VALORANT will also be made available for all gamers across the world.

In a separate Facebook post, Valorant India and South Asia further spoke about the launch of the Mumbai-based dedicated servers:

“It took us some time, but we’re finally doing it – the VALORANT Mumbai game servers will go live on the 14th of October 2020. The new game servers will be located in a data center in Mumbai, and will be part of our South East Asia (SEA) shard.”

“With our new Mumbai and Bahrain servers, we hope our players can enjoy a very low latency Valorant gameplay experience, as we keep pushing towards this goal across the South Asia region.”

Valorant India having its very own dedicated servers is quite a big deal, as the devs push for a low latency Valorant gameplay experience for the region’s playerbase.

Many Valorant players expressed their appreciation towards the announcement and the big in-game improvements it’ll present, but others wondered about having dedicated servers in their own regions as well.

Rumor no more

Exclusive servers for Indian players have been a fan-favorite rumor for months, until Riot finally confirmed the dedicated Mumbai game servers starting on October 14.

This update will surely improve the connection for players in India and its surrounding countries without an account or ID transfer.

Pakistani players, however, will not be included on the Mumbai servers but instead will be a part of the new Bahrain servers.

The new Mumbai servers are included in the game’s SEA shard, which may possibly hint of a regional VALORANT competitive scene.

In particular, the new servers in Bahrain will enable MENA region players to take part in the upcoming First-Strike tournament. This could also likely happen with Indian region players.

Aside from new content, it appears Valorant’s Act III will bring great improvements to the game in the form of dedicated servers.

A new map, Icebox, will be added to casual matches before making its way to the competitive map pool after two weeks of testing.

Act III will also launch with a new battle pass with exclusive skins and content for players to grind through.

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