Logan Paul Reveals Serious Long-term Plan to Run for US President

Logan Paul for president? No, this is not a prank.

Seems like he doesn’t want to be an internet sensation for the rest of his life, as the YouTube star recently announced his long-term plans of running for President in the future.

Long-term plans

The 25-year-old influencer spoke of his rather ambitious plan to run for president (and of course, win) in a recent Impaulsive podcast.

“Before I die, I will be President of the United States. And honestly, I will probably be a very good President.”

Lucky for those in disbelief or disappointment, the plan is not gonna happen any time soon.

“2032 is the first year I can run, but it’s probably going to be when I’m a grown a– man with lots of intelligence and wisdom. I’m running 2050-ish, let’s call it. I’m excited to be your president.”

Unless there are some drastic changes in the country’s political system, the closest election dates are around 2048 and 2052.

But if it all goes according to plan, Logan Paul for president may happen within the next 30 years.

Cabinet structure

The YouTuber went on to joke about his desired cabinet members, including the likes of stand-up comedian Tim Dillon as his Secretary of State.

He’s also looking into nepotism if ever he gets elected, with the desire to appoint his father Greg Paul as the nation’s Secretary of Defense.

Joining the US presidency race is undeniably one of the most life-changing career moves ever, especially for a YouTuber.

Then again, Logan Paul is known for his grand plans— although rather ambitious.

For him to desire to join the ranks of the most influential people in world history is something we can expect from a page off his book.

Paul’s plan to run for presidency is met with outraged reactions, especially on Twitter:

“ok… God help us all if this actually happens. DO YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD RN. WHAT MORE IF THIS GUY RUNS THE SH*T SHOW”

“I hope Logan Paul is joking about running for President”

“Sorry everyone who thought the news couldn’t get any worse. You were wrong. The news CAN get worse. WAY WORSE”

Character development?

Despite his fair share of controversies in the past, Paul also believes he will also be regarded as one of the best YouTubers on the platform.

The reason being? He continues to keep going, despite the many backlash coming his way. At this point, we cannot count the number of times he got cancelled on twitter.

“I do think that, just because of the way I’ve been able to navigate this platform and the other platforms I came up on, and my storytelling I think is the spine of the operation that keeps me and team Maverick strong.”

To become one of the greatest YouTubers in history with his track record and to be the next president of the Land of the Free… Suffice to say, Logan Paul’s career goals are truly on another level.

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