Riot Eyes Korea, Brazil, and Latin America as Next Addition into VALORANT Closed Beta

Nothing screams world domination more than expanding Valorant’s closed beta into new regions and countries.

It’s time to say Annyeonghaseyo, Korea! Vamos, Latino américa! Bora, Brasil! Riot Games welcomes South Korea, Latin America, and Brazil into Valorant beta on May 5th.

May 5th update

VALORANT executive Anna “RiotSuperCakes” Donlon confirmed the news on YouTube with a short vlog.

More details about next phases of the closed Beta’s global rollout are also included in her announcement:

“Hey everyone, it’s me again…Last month we chatted on the impact that COVID-19 was having on the global rollout of VALORANT, especially during the closed Beta, and I’m here today with an update.”

“We have made a ton of progress over the last month and we have learned so many lessons about what we need to get ready for launch.”

News about the closed beta

With the game’s closed beta, developers are discovering bugs and other technical issues that they are aiming to resolve before Valorant’s official release.

All this is done to ensure the game will have a smooth in-game playing experience.

“Closed Beta is about stress-testing all of our systems — things like servers; hardware compatibility; anti-cheat technology; game balance — all of these things are so important to tune in before we launch, and nothing can top the lessons we are learning from watching all of you play.”

The hype grows by the day

More and more players are aiming to get access into Valorant’s beta, proving that the hype continues to be stronger than ever.

With the recent inclusion of Korea, Latin America, and Brazil, Valorant is on its way to become the next top game across the globe.

“Beginning May 5th, we’ll be able to welcome South Korea and most of LATAM into the global VALORANT closed Beta community with data centers going online in Seoul, Santiago, and São Paulo.”

The May 5th expansion update originally aimed to include Mexico, but due to infrastructure-related delays, it might take a while for the region to access the game’s closed beta.

“As for Mexico City, we want to get you into this closed Beta so badly, but this is where we have hit the majority of our infrastructure delays. While we might not be able to get you in exactly on the 5th, we will be getting you in as soon as we can.”

Meanwhile, other regions like Asia and the Middle East may have to wait a while to access Valorant’s closed beta.

“For the regions I haven’t mentioned yet like Oceania, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the greater Middle East: I know being asked to wait a little longer is not what you want to be hearing right now, but I really do appreciate your patience during these uncertain times.”

Nonetheless, the Valorant dev team continues to work hard on improving the in-game experience for everyone.

“Every day the team is watching streams, playing games, fixing issues reported by all of you, and just taking in the hype of this entire community.”

“We cannot wait to welcome in new regions, new play styles, new perspectives, and we’re just getting started. We’re looking forward to welcoming you and playing with all of you soon.”

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