Shroud presents improvement ideas for Valorant

Twitch streamer and FPS superstar Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek recently shared some improvement ideas Riot could work on to improve Valorant.

Dubbed as the “human aimbot,” shroud’s take on popular FPS titles are always revered as important points to consider.

In Valorant, shroud believes the addition of an Agent with better flashes, a basic change to Operators and more.

The streamer has been long vocal about all the great things Riot has accomplished with Valorant– but this also includes the title’s early shortcomings that need to be overcome.

Fixing bugs

Riot confirmed that they are working on some pressing issues currently raised by the player community, such as issues with Phoenix’s Curveball skill, Killjoy’s apparent “wallhack” ability and countermeasures to deal with stream-snipers.

But in particular, shroud believes specific additions to the hyped FPS title like a character with a potent flash against Ops and changes to Radiant would be a great way to deal with the game’s current in-game issues.

He spoke about his thoughts in a recent YouTube upload. According to the ex-CSGO pro, a counter to Ops needs to come in the game in more than a single form.

There are different ways to deal with Operators, but flashes from Phoenix and Breach aren’t exactly helpful as they’re easy to avoid.

“Imagine a Phoenix or a Breach flash.. If you’re Op-ing a certain angle [they use a flash], chances are you can side-step and then step back in, and nothing happens.”

A new agent?

Shroud also wants to see a new agent that can better deal with Ops, like someone who can manipulate a flash’s trajectory like Jett does with her Cloudbursts.

However, such a character would still have a hard time dealing with the prevalence of Ops.

He also mentioned a way to make sure there aren’t too many high-powered (OP) snipers in the game, by raising its price from 4500 credits to at least 5500.

Shroud believes with Valorant’s economy, teams on a broken-buy can still easily make the 4500 purchase.

By putting a higher tax on the sniper, around 5000-6000, many players would have to think twice before making a purchase due to the impact a bad Op purchase could have.

Aside from being open to more than 150 slots, Radiant also needs a way to track MMR within the highest rank to give elite players something to work towards.

With the game’s current state, there’s not much left to do once a player hits Radiant. This pushes many to make smurf or secondary accounts.

The issue of Smurfing leads to many other issues in Valorant’s competitive mode. Implementing the change could definitely improve many aspects of the game.

With Riot’s strong desire to improve Valorant, only time can tell if they would hear some of Shroud’s ideas if it would lead to in-game improvement.

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