Riot currently working on a fix for Phoenix Curveball bug

Attention, Phoenix mains!

Observed something different with one of his abilities lately? Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

There is truly something off with his Curveball ability in particular.

Riot Games recently confirmed that they are working on a hotfix to address an unusual bug with Phoenix’s Curveball ability following patch 1.06.

Phoenix bug

Phoenix is one of the most popular agents in the game right now, featuring his unique ability kit compared to other characters.

As his name suggests, Phoenix has a fire-themed skill set with a ‘Run it Back’ Ultimate that can bring him back to life if necessary.

Following the update for, many players noticed a strange bug with one of the Agent’s abilities.

Patch 1.06 marked Valorant’s first update for Act 2. Although the patch was released slightly out of schedule on August 20, it featured in-game bug fixes, balancing tweaks, and more.

The update brought many changes to the game’s casual and ranked gameplay, along with the release of Killjoy— a new agent.

Phoenix’s Curveball ability, in particular, have also caused problems for some players during this patch.

The basic ability can fire a blinding Flare Orb around corners, however, the issue has made it difficult for players to use the skill without affecting their own team.

Valorant player Pirkzy highlighted the bizarre bug, explaining that a player has to stand far away from doors or corners when using the skill.

As a result, the blinding effect is likely to run out by the time one has to follow up.

“Phoenix is ruined now. Like in order to flash through doors effectively, you have to stand 10 feet away and can’t hug the wall, or else you’ll flash yourself or the whole team. Or even your flash goes behind the enemy on other side. Pls think about reverting.”

Riot Games designer Morello assured they are looking into a fix for the unintentional bug as soon as possible:

“Unintentional bug. Will fix”

Riot also announced the hotfix on the official Valorant Twitter handle, confirming that they have heard of community feedback about the unusual behavior on Phoenix’s Curveball.

“We’re aware of a bug in patch 1.06 with Phoenix’s Curveball behaving… differently than intended. We’re going to hotfix this as soon as possible.”

Phoenix players seem to be relieved at Riot’s fast response:

“was literally just talking about this after playing him. Great to see a hotfix is coming out really fast”

“Thank you for applying the fix, I noticed some issues myself”

“I actually was wondering what happened when it did it to me. Didn’t read much into it though.”

No date yet is announced for when players can expect to see the bugfix live in-game, however Phoenix mains can be assured they won’t have to deal with the strange glitch for long.

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