Alinity Wants to Move Forward After Twitch Comeback

Despite her infamous streak of controversies, Alinity only wants to move forward after her return to Twitch.

A rich history of controversies

In case you missed it, she sparked internet outrage back in July 2019 when she was caught tossing her cat across the room in a live broadcast.

Later incidents also involved a rather malicious “crotch sniffing” scenario with her dog, and her allegedly using racial slurs.

Most recently though, she received massive backlash for a NSFW wardrobe malfunction last April 24. She accidentally revealed more than what’s intended as she stuffed a pillow under her top in a “Just Dance” stream.

Due to claims of her doing the nip slip on purpose, Alinity is insistent that it was nothing but an accident:

“If I had done it on purpose I would have made them look so much better. That lightning and angle didn’t do them any justice…no way that was on purpose… I love my body too much to let people’s opinions affect how I feel about it.”

Self-imposed ban

Her recent controversy, yet again, sparked outrage and calls for her to be permanently banned from the platform.

Twitch only suspended her for a day, which many found to be insufficient but Alinity herself insisted to give herself a three-day ban.

“I’m getting a suspension YES! Our hard work finally paid off good job guys”

And as she returns to Twitch, she claims she only wants to learn from her mistakes and move forward.

Moving forward

The future remains uncertain for many influencers, including Alinity and her infamous controversial history, but she’s far from calling it quits.

The Twitch starlet says in a tweet:

“I don’t know what the future has in store for me, but I welcome it with open arms: the success and failures, the love and hate, the beautiful and ugly. I will do my best to learn from my mistakes and tackle whatever comes next.”

With a powerful statement to testify her determination to push forward, she ends the tweet saying:

“I am not done yet.”

Simps for Alinity

One fan responded to her tweet with a red button meme deciding whether to get mad about Twitch not banning Alinity, or Simp for Alinity instead.

To this, Alinity only replied:

“Lmao, why not both?”

Simps, this may be the perfect opportunity to show Alinity your support and appreciation!

It’s not like the influencer is about to stop your Simp-ing ways, at least not any time soon especially when her recent moving-forward message was met with mixed responses.

Fans quickly went to her rescue:

“You are cute, I love you I don’t care if I get roasted”

“I’ll gladly simp”

People across the globe may want Alinity’s career to be over and done with— but it seems like there’s nothing stopping her!

She seems to be dodging these controversies smoothly like the Matrix.

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