Valkyrae Reveals Why She’s “Paranoid” When Streaming

In a rather personal broadcast, 100 Thieves star Valkyrae revealed why she feels “paranoid” when streaming.

She also opened up about how she feels unsafe whenever online, mainly due to die-hard and obsessive fans.

The price of fame

The fine line between streamers and celebrities are blurring.

As an ex-Twitch star and now a YouTube Gaming streamer, Valkyrae is now considered as an internet celebrity in her own right.

But not all that glitters is gold, as the adage goes. There are plenty of not-so glamorous challenges to deal with because of her rising fame.

Feeling unsafe

In particular, the 28-year-old starlet is dealing with “death threats” and being paranoid about her personal safety.
Valkyrae revealed her honest take during a Q&A on YouTube, where she says she’s worrying “all the time” about her safety.

According to her, it’s one of the difficult parts of being an established streamer. Her fellow internet stars usually ignore the apparent danger as a way to cope up with it.

“A lot of us on the internet, we get your stalkers, your f-ppers, and your horny teeny-beanies, you know? I worry about safety a lot of the time, and I’m always paranoid about my safety, especially being in the public space.”

Borderline paranoia?

Part of that fear, according to Valkyrae, stems from the fact that you “never know who’s watching you.”

The fear may appear to be borderline paranoia, but the starlet is haunted by the idea that there are people out there “trying to get you.”

For instance, she has gotten a fair share of death threats before— which only adds to her worries.

Hardest parts of streaming

Her personal safety aside, Valkyrae cited accounting concerns among the hardest part of her streaming career. She emphasized this as she described it to be “ever-worrying.”

“With streaming, you don’t get an hourly paid wage. It’s literally based off who decides to support you, who subs, who donates.”

“All that. That was really difficult for a long time. Luckily I don’t have to deal with that anymore.”

Coping up

So how is Valkyrae coping up with all the paranoia now that the pandemic has everyone staying inside their homes, all cooped up?

In a recent tweet by the famous girl gamer, she hints about rather stressful days.

“I think I’ve become a bit crazy and even more desensitized during this quarantine Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat I gotta chill out..”

Fans were quick to send in their messages of support:

“Haha lol it’s okay dw just make sure you stay well rested”

“it’ll be over soon. WE’LL GET THROUGH IT GIRL”

“This has gone on longer than we all thought. I think it’s getting to us all. We’ll get through it!! :)”

Regardless of whether she’s streaming on Twitch or YouTube, the “paranoid” feeling persists not only to Valkyrae, but also among other well-known streamers.

It seems to be the price these big-shot streamers have to pay, especially when some of them have achieved celebrity-like fame or status.

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