Recap #9

What’s new in the online world this May? From “entitled” female streamers establishing their identity as a brand to the announcement of Valorant’s official launch, here are some things you might not want to miss out on!

First off, live streaming giant Twitch recently launched a dedicated and exclusive directory for esports leagues, players, and teams.

The platform wants to include all leading games and professional players the Esports community deems important.

The new esports section features a directory where fans can check out live tournaments, live pro players from competitive esports organizations, personalized recommendations from viewing history, and even a sub-directory of active tournaments.

Tune in to discover new esports channels, catch up from matches you missed, and maybe even learn a thing or two from your favorite pro players!

Despite her infamous streak of controversies, Alinity only wants to move forward after her return to Twitch.

In case you missed it, she sparked internet outrage back in July 2019 when she was caught tossing her cat across the room in a live broadcast. Later incidents also involved a rather malicious crotch scenario with her dog, and allegedly using racial slurs.

Most recently though, she received massive backlash for a NSFW wardrobe malfunction last April 24. She accidentally revealed more than what’s intended as she stuffed a pillow under her top in a “Just Dance” stream.

The incident once again sparked outrage and many called for her to be permanently banned from the platform. Twitch only suspended her for a day, which many found to be insufficient but Alinity herself insisted to give herself a three-day ban.

One particular episode of RajjPatel’s famous dating show on Twitch took a rather ugly turn, which only got awkward and bizarre as it went on.

The said broadcast featured OfflineTV member Fedmyster in the hot seat, where he went to try his luck with plenty of other female streamers attempting to charm him.

Though it started with 11 aspiring female streamers, Katie was hailed as the last woman standing.

Before the possibility of a romantic, virtual date between the two could be even entertained, the girl streamer was quick to shot down the idea by saying Fed was “ugly,” and that she is “not attracted” to him.

Shortly after the fiasco, other streamers joined the call which included the likes of Knut, SlikeR, and Pokimane. Yikes!

Despite being known as one of the faces of Fortnite, Twitch star and Fortnite pro Tfue believes the game has long since lacked a sense of competitiveness.

It’s because of this that he believes Fortnite cannot be considered as an official Esport.

The gamer himself implied that those who continue to enjoy competing on Fortnite tournaments are “living in a fantasy land.”

These players seem to be distracted enough to ignore the game’s many issues or at least raise their concerns to Epic Games.

“It’s made up, it’s not real, if you’re a competitive Fortnite player you’re living in a fantasy land because this game is so far from competitive, it’s not even close.”

Despite tapping into a streaming venture with the relatively new (and unknown) platform D-Live, Pewdiepie recently signed on a deal to exclusively stream on YouTube.

The YouTube icon, who garnered over 104 million subscribers, said in a press release:

“YouTube has been my home for over a decade now and live streaming on the platform feels like a natural fit as I continue to look for new ways to create content and interact with fans worldwide.”

Similar exclusive streaming deals were also offered to other notable stars like CouRage, Valkyrae, LazarBeam, Lachlan, and Muselk.

By including Pewdiepie into its official roster, YouTube may be stepping up its game with other live streaming platform rivals (We’re looking at you, Mixer and Twitch!)

Shroud shocked his entire fandom when he recently revealed he won’t play professionally, ever again.

Before the big-shot gamer found fame and success in streaming, Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek was considerably one of the most talented pro gamers in the esports scene.

Now, he revealed he doesn’t have plans to go back into the competitive world of professional Esports any time soon.

“Here’s what you guys don’t understand about going professional and playing a game at the top level. If you truly want to play at the top, you can not stream your practice, that’s just an easy way for people to creep on your strategy.”

It’s pretty understandable, though. Streaming in itself is already a draining activity for many content creators!

Another female Twitch streamer is once again making headlines across online communities. Just recently, BadBunny claimed her life has more value than those of her audience’ all while on a live broadcast.

And just like what one would have expected, the starlet sparked internet outrage and is now under fire yet again.

“My value is so much more than all of your value put together everyone in this chat.”

“Like I know every life has value but like my life is far more valuable. All your lives have value but mine is much more valuable than your life.”

Some argue that her rant clip was taken out of context and blown out of proportion, even if it was clearly pure sarcasm. But others also criticized the Twitch streamer for being a “troll” in order to gain attention and more followers.

Turns out, it is becoming a common strategy among many Twitch streamers to gain traction and clout.

Heads up, Valorant is coming!

The game has proven to be a hyped, smash hit even before its official release. Valorant continues to be a hot topic across many online communities, being one of the most anticipated titles of 2020.

Riot’s tactical shooter FPS was originally scheduled for a summer 2020 launch, but now the game will be dropped just a few weeks on June 2nd.

It will finally be available “across the majority of regions worldwide” on June 2, and the game will be free-to-download on the official website.

Upon Valorant’s official launch, a new agent will debut and a new map will also be added. A beta game mode, skins, and the first ever battle pass will also be made available to players.

It’s true what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

A male player was found to have disguised himself with a wig to sneak his way into a girls-only CS:GO tournament.

The gamer impressively made his attempt to break through the system but unfortunately, he didn’t succeed even if he wore a complete ensemble to pass the strict identity check: a black wig, large glasses, and a surgical mask.

Organizers asked him through Discord to remove the mask, with the impression something must be up. It was only then when they realized a male gamer infiltrated the tournament for a chance at the prize pool.

The dedicated disguise successfully helped him get past the first minutes of the pre-tournament video call. However, karma hit him hard real quick and his team wasn’t able to even make it out the first round.

One of the rising Twitch stars for May is Broxh, who is enjoying fame and success on the platform because of his wholesome streams. In a month, the streamer garnered about 500,000 new followers which is an impressive feat for any small-time Twitch personality.

Rightfully so, he is considered as one of Twitch’s latest phenomenon along the likes of hardcore gamers and TikTok stars like Neekolul.

Broxh’s wholesome-natured streams earned him the title of the “Bob Ross of carving,” paying homage to the late painter known for his wholesome attitude in his videos.

Although the 28-year-old also plays World of Warcraft, he is best known for his carving talents as he streams “Whakairo” or the Maori art of carving.

As shocking as it may sound, many have rallied for Pokimane to be banned on Twitch following her accidental Pornhub incident.

Considered as Twitch’s number one female streamer, it wasn’t a surprise to find out how the system is ready to let the recent incident just pass and forget it even happened.

But, plenty continue to take out their cries for fairness across online communities because it’s only fair to do so. The platform’s system is infamous for automatically handing out a ban, or at least a suspension, to some small streamer who may have done the same “accidental” mishap as Poki.

The incident happened on May 19: the Twitch star was doing her usual reaction streams when she unwittingly opened a graphic PornHub tab.

She was quick to close the tab as if on reflex, and later explained that someone could have infiltrated the private Google Doc filled with approved user-submitted links for her to watch on stream.

Still, many calls were raised for her to be suspended on Twitch for showing pornography on a live broadcast.

Under Twitch’s official guidelines on sexually suggestive content, it involves (but is not limited to): Posting, displaying, or sharing erotica, including detailed descriptions of sex acts or pornography. And for that reason alone, the Twitch star with over 4.8 followers on the platform should be banned or suspended for technical purposes.

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