Male CS:GO player dresses up in a disguise to join girls-only tournament

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all… A male player was found to have disguised himself with a wig to sneak his way into a girls-only CS:GO tournament.

The gamer impressively made his attempt to break through the system but unfortunately, he didn’t succeed.

It’s true what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Lenovo’s Legion of Valkyrie tournament

The Legion of Valkyrie tournament was recently hosted by gaming brand Lenovo, which was a 32-team league meant for female CS:Go gamers only.

The prize pool was about $1,000, with $600 going to the first-place team.

Given the pandemic and global health risks, there was no chance for the tournament to be held in person.

So in order to ensure there was no identity fraud happening, all players were asked to compete with their cameras on.

The participants also had to partake in a 15-minute video call room prior to the competition as was stated in the official rules.

“Players must use a Video Call (while playing), through either mobile phone or PC to verify that the player is the same person who registered in this tournament.”

Breaking boundaries

According to a surprising tweet, one male gamer was found out to have crashed the tournament discreetly.

He wore a complete ensemble to pass the strict identity check: a black wig, large glasses, and a surgical mask.

Organizers asked him through Discord to remove the mask, with the impression something must be up. It was only then when they realized a male gamer infiltrated the tournament for a chance at the prize pool.

“Lenovo’s female CSGO event requires players to play with the camera on. But someone was found to be a guy with a wig LMAOOOOO”

The dedicated disguise successfully helped him get past the first minutes of the pre-tournament video call.

However, karma hit him hard real quick and his team wasn’t able to even make it out the first round.

The importance of female-friendly events

Esports has long since aimed to be all-inclusive. The industry wants to encourage female gamers to partake in competitive leagues just like their male counterparts.

A former CSGO star missharvey outlined the importance of all-girls gaming events, with the hopes of having women compete in the same tournaments with male players without the harassment.

“Female tournaments, at the moment, are the only initiative we have towards female gamers. Because of those events, we’ve seen female teams even being sponsored.”

“Those are band-aids, in my opinion. They serve a purpose, but underneath the band-aid the problem is still there. The goal is to mix everyone into a melting pot. Then those tournaments wouldn’t even need to exist.”

For now, all-female events such as Lenovo’s Legion of Valkyrie is a step headed towards the right direction.

It hopes to encourage more girl gamers to participate in professional leagues and become active in the competitive gaming scene.

Representatives from Lenovo are yet to issue an official statement about the notorious guy in a wig imposter.

There are calls to ban the player from participating in Legion of Valkyrie, along with his entire team for concealing his true identity.

Fans were quite impressed by his guts, to say the least:

“Lol I doubt they would have said anything if he wore lipstick/makeup instead of a mask.”

“You gotta respect the hustle!”

“LMFAO. Not surprised. They probably weren’t good in the normal league and figure they would try to take advantage in another one.”

“This guy deserves the troll lord award”

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