Sony might drop roster of next-gen PS5 games in June

Gamers, rejoice! Sony has a few events in the works to provide a closer look at their brand new system – the PS5.

According to an industry insider, Sony’s PS5 event is reportedly set for early June despite recent events brought by the pandemic.

The rumored event is said to get a green light in June, which is expected to launch the roster of next-gen games coming to the PS5.

A breakdown

Jeff Grubb, a VentureBeat reporter, posted a breakdown of E3’s upcoming events in the summer.

Grubb has a great reputation when it comes to predicting launch dates in the industry, especially when he predicted the Mini Nintendo Direct event in March accurately.

He initially claimed the upcoming PS5 event was due to a showcase on June 4, but it seems like Sony is thinking about moving the date around.

Despite the reshuffling, reports still point out that the video game and tech giant plans for the event to launch within the early June timeframe.

The new PS5 console

Ever since its official announcement by Sony, there hasn’t been much information about the PS5 console itself.

A console reveal might be coming soon for interested fans, but Grubb thinks the June event will rather focus on the line-up of the PS5’s next generation games.

He also believes the roster will include first-party titles and beyond.

Some fans took it to social media as they dropped their early guesses for titles that will be likely included in Sony’s roster:

“Let’s see Horizon 2, Spider-Man 2, etc Sony. I could also see Resident Evil 8 being revealed at the event.”

“PS5 Games WE absolutely need next gen: God of War 2, Spiderman 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Demon’s Souls Remake, Gran Turismo sequel, Silent Hill Reboot, Ape Escape Remake”

“I promised myself I wasn’t going to get next gen, but if I see a new horizon, spidey and God of war game that’s going to force my hand”

Future events

The report also hints at an upcoming State of Play around August, which will follow after the June event.

Grubb claims:

“The company is putting together one of its State of Play video presentations for Early August,”

“This will highlight a combination of current and next-gen games.”

Other predictions

In lieu of the traditional, annual E3 event, a summer line-up of digital events may be on the horizon for gamers and gaming enthusiasts!

The source also reveals some predictions for Sony’s leading rival, Microsoft.

The company initially revealed its plans for a Xbox 20/20 showcases, which comes in the form of a monthly digital series that will give a closer look at the cheaper and disc-less Xbox Series X (also known as Lockhart).

Fans may also look out for a list of upcoming games that will head to the console.

Halo Infinite may be one of the first-party games to make its way to the Xbox June event, which is eyeing a June 10 schedule.

Are you excited for a PS5 event? Which titles do you think will be included in its own roster? Let us know in the comments!

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