How much would it take for DrDisrespect to start streaming on Facebook Gaming?

Turns out, it would take Facebook Gaming a colossal amount if they want to sign famous streamer DrDisrespect.

In case you missed it, the online personality had his multi-million dollar exclusivity deal with Twitch terminated over unknown reasons back in June.

Since then, he returned to streaming on YouTube where he first began his streaming career with over 2 million subscribers.

Meeting his demands

Dr Disrespect briefly entertained the idea of jumping ships from YouTube over to Facebook Gaming, only if the latter is willing to meet his demands.

Ever since his move to YouTube, he has been raking up views and audiences with his daily dose of “Violence, Speed and Momentum” dedicated exclusively to the members of his fanbase, the Champions Club.

Though he’s enjoying his newfound success in his new home, Doc was vocal in how he’s willing to jump ship yet again over to Facebook Gaming— considering he’s permanently banned off Twitch and Mixer had to shutdown in July.

Before he made his YouTube move official, there was lots of fan speculation about the Doc moving to Facebook Gaming.

Talking numbers

During his October 19 broadcast, the Two-Time was playing Call of Duty Warzone with Facebook Gaming’s ZLaner when the former raised a very interesting question.

“What do you think the number would be, Z, for Facebook to bring the two-time over?”

Taken aback by the idea, ZLaner gave it his best guess:

“Oh man, are you serious? Seven figures!”

Meanwhile the Doc went ahead to suggest he was worth at least ten million dollars:

“I’m thinking eight… That’s an easy eight, minimum. And how deep we go into the eights, that’s the big question.”

Streamer pay

When Mixer decided to shut down its services completely, its biggest stars Ninja and shroud were reported to have made around $30 million and $10 million, respectively.

Considering his reputation, influence, and popularity, DrDisrespect’s deal doesn’t seem so unreasonable at all.

Doc further asked:

“You think forty is the number, Z?”

ZLaner merely agreed, a minimum of forty million would be a fair price to pay if Facebook wants to bring over DrDisrespect to their platform.

Fans speculate this could mean that Dr Disrespect is considering Facebook Gaming sometime in the future, provided they are willing to meet his demands.

As of writing, the Doc does not have any public exclusive deal with YouTube— so anything is possible.

It’s been made clear how his loyal fans and viewers are more than willing to follow him to other platforms, should he make another jump.

While this may seem like the Doc is simply joking, only time can tell if Facebook Gaming decides to put an offer to the table that the Doc simply can’t refuse.

Some fans seem to agree with the bounty price DrDisrespect put out for himself:

“For that much violence, speed, AND momentum. 8 figures minimum is worth it, no question.”

“$40 million would be a low offer for someone with Docs talent. Multi-year deal should be $100 million plus. Don’t settle”

“Nobody does it better than DrDisRespect, the greatest streamer of all time ever!!! Yayayayayayayayaya”

“Docs getting too POWERFULLLLLLLLLL! Now every company wants him to give them the loooooooooove!”

“$40m for the two-time?! That’s $20m for each time!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, others want him to stay on YouTube for good:

“Doc you single handedly saved YouTube don’t forsake us now.”

“Honestly, I hope they don’t. I’ve been able to watch Doc a lot because he’s on YouTube and even back on Twitch. But I won’t touch Facebook.”

“Yeahhh, I don’t have Facebook, and I wouldn’t sign up just to watch Doc live.”

“Facebook is the only Platform id never follow Doc to.”

Would you like to see DrDisrespect on Facebook Gaming? Let us know in the comments below!

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