Pokimane Shares Take on Twitch and YouTube Difference

Twitch has been long hailed as the leading streaming service across the globe.

It recently set a new all-time record at 4M concurrent viewers, mostly due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns and quarantine, but the numbers only seem to go higher from here.

Regardless, other platforms are also stepping up their game to keep up with Twitch’s dominating presence. YouTube, in particular, have embraced Twitch-like features to incorporate in their service.

The difference between Twitch and YouTube

Pokimane, Twitch star and also a YouTube vlogger, opened up about the differences of the two platforms.

She’s known as one of the faces of Twitch, with her laidback gaming streams attracting a wide audience every time she goes live.

But outside her streaming activities, the star is also a social media powerhouse with millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

She recently shared her thoughts on the difference between these two leading platforms during an episode of the OfflineTV podcast.

According to Poki, some viewers have adopted a sense of “entitlement” especially if they watch on a particular platform compared to others.

Upside of YouTube

In the said podcast, Imane “Pokimane” Anys sat down with her OfflineTV gang, Yvonne, LilyPichu, and Michael Reeves as they discussed various topics which includes their career as a content creator.

At some point in the conversation, Pokimane shared some insights about the positives of YouTube. She also further explained its downside to streamers and their relationship with their audience.

“I do think it’s kind of nice how like, YouTube compared to streaming, like streaming facilitates that kind of feeling towards a content creator. Sort of like entitlement or feeling like you really know them. And feeling like you know them a lot better than they know you.”

A similar kind of behavior

This behavior seems to be familiar to the Twitch star, as she has observed a similar behavior on forums like Reddit where personal threads about her abound.

These people posting such kinds of threads act as if they truly know her in real life, too.

“I also see so much of that in threads. Whether it’s Reddit threads, or other forums. It’s amazing how ongoing these threads are. I started realizing as I saw how ongoing they are year after year, I’m just living my life, and these people are just commenting.”

Although initially feeling frustrated about it, she chose to be the bigger person to let it go.

“Either way they are going to comment. It’s so out of my control that it’s not even worth giving input.”

With great fame comes great responsibility

Becoming famous as a content creator isn’t all sunshine and daisies. As a public figure, Pokimane now has to deal with different problems on the daily.

There are different challenges between various platforms. And for Poki, who is active on both YouTube and Twitch, that just means she has to deal with twice these challenges every time she posts new content.

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