InvaderVie Begins Sharing IRL Highlights on YouTube

As a rising content creator, InvaderVie only goes to show the online world is hers for the taking.

Who is InvaderVie?

InvaderVie is among the up and rising Twitch stars, famous for her videos on the Just Chatting category.

She first garnered attention for her Mass Effect streams, though further branching out onto JC to interact with her viewers better.

Venturing outside Twitch

Like most female streamers, InvaderVie has taken the next step in her career by venturing outside Twitch.

She started a YouTube channel to share a glimpse of her daily life to her fans.

“I only want my whole life to only be highlights but that’s a lot of work so instead here’s my YouTube 🤤

Some of her recent videos involve the Twitch star sharing about how it’s like to be a theater kid and how she became a real-life Disney princess at some point.

As of writing, she has over 1.37k subscribers on her newly-established channel.

Not a stranger to controversies

The Canadian streamer made headlines earlier this year for a couple of controversies.

For one, she hit back at a viewer who claimed she was their “favorite” yet remains unsubscribed.

Despite the compliment, Invadervie seems to be nonchalant about flattery as means to receive positive attention.

“I don’t believe you, exactly, that I’m your favorite streamer, because you’re not subbed to me.”

“That just seems… I don’t know if there’s evidence to your claim. I’m a highly emotional person, and so I see that, and my first instinct is, ‘Yay, I’m your favorite! That means that I’m the best!’”

In a separate situation in January, she also called out a viewer who insulted her with “thot”, a derogatory term.

“Every single member of your family who ever existed to bring you, the absolute lowest form of scum on the planet, into existence… All of them are ashamed of you.”

She went on to educate her viewers on why the word “thot” is offensive.

“Thot means “that h*e over there.” The idea that you can just be like: that’s a h*e and now she is here and I hate her for it.”

“There are not thots on the internet… That is a made up, nonsense word that men give to women, much like harlot, jezebel, a fallen women… It’s just, it’s been hundreds of words in thousands of languages for men who are threatened by women.”

InvaderVie isn’t one to hold back her thoughts about women and the apparent sexism in the online community.

Due to her brave heart and courageous spirit, InvaderVie only goes to prove that the world is for every bold soul to take. There’s no stopping her!

The streamer currently has over 229k followers on Twitch.

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