ZeRo Announces Move to Facebook Gaming

Tempo ZeRo shared a big announcement on December 2 regarding his move to Facebook Gaming.

His announcement tweet garnered over 4.8k likes as of writing, proving that his fans are just as excited for ZeRo’s new journey.

“Excited to share some big news. We’re making the move.

Come be a part of the next step in our streaming journey…”

Interested fans can check out a teaser trailer for this announcement!

Though, it’s important to note how the particular video garnered more dislikes (1.1k) than likes (397). It’s arguably because Facebook gaming is less likely to be a crowd favorite compared to other mainstream platforms.

Partnering with Facebook Gaming, Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios joins Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang who also announced his decision to exclusively stream his gameplays on Facebook Gaming.

These two join a few other personalities who recently made a mass exodus away from mainstream platforms (Youtube and Twitch).

Keeping a positive attitude on what’s waiting for him on Facebook, ZeRo expressed his gratitude to his fans who continue to give their unwavering support.

“Thank you to everyone who supported this transition. I know it’s probably a shock to a lot of people, but I want to preface this by saying that I’m personally very excited for the future and what opportunities there will be.

I will still strive to be the best streamer I can be.”

Seems like fans are genuinely excited for ZeRo to cultivate a new community on the platform! Many of his supporters may tag along with him on this journey.

FB Gaming may be an underdog compared to mainstream favorites like Twitch and Mixer, but the platform may be considered as the next sleeping giant.

With the help of established streamers and developers, the platform may be on its pristine condition for streaming in a year’s time!

Don’t forget to check out ZeRo’s brand new streaming journey at!

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