Hasan Speaks Out About Video Editor Exploitation Controversy

Streamer HasanAbi has spoken out about his recent involvement in a video editor exploitation controversy.

Coming to terms with the party involved, he has agreed to pay an editor who made explosive allegations accusing the Twitch streamer of exploiting his labor.

Last November 25, AsarathaHS (who goes by the alias “Blake” on Discord) posted on Reddit to state that Hasan gave him false hope for a full-time video editing position.

He saw Hasan looking for an editor way back in June, where he immediately reached out and asked him if he can edit the former’s gameplay videos.

AsarathaHS claimed he expected no compensation for these videos, but made them to prove to Hasan he was capable of editing a video per day.

After a series of more videos being produced, edited, and uploaded accordingly – he expressed his interest to become Hasan’s full-time editor.

Hasan allegedly avoided providing a direct answer to this yes/no question, citing he doesn’t “have the kind of clout that makes other people profit off my clips yet.” and apologizing to the editor then after.

On November 19, Blake asked Hasan (yet again) if he was still looking for a video editor but never received a reply on his end.

However, Hasan recently spoke up against these allegations in hopes of clearing his name.

He claims Blake never asked for compensation for the work he offered.

“People send me videos they edit all the time. If they ask for compensation I pay them… This person never asked for compensation.”

“I’m terrible at communicating (as the editors I work with will tell you) but I would’ve paid this dude if he wanted me to, I liked his editing.”

“If he wants some money for it, I’ll pay him too (idgaf about him trynna hurt my rep, he’s entitled to compensation for his labor since he obviously had a different opinion about our relationship).”

Fans were quick to commend Hasan for taking the high ground and offering Blake some compensation for his hard work.

Seems like the problem’s now solved as Hasan agreed to pay the editor for his work, but some bridges have been burned.

The situation caused a debate on both sides of the argument. Some fans, including other freelance video editors, said Blake could’ve been more clear about wanting financial compensation at some point of the work relationship.

Meanwhile, others claimed that what Hasan said was not consistent with what he preaches, since the streamer previously attacked corporations for being too driven by profit.

Nonetheless, the lack of communication between both parties was clearly an issue that got in the middle of what could have been a great professional streamer-editor relationship.

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