Riot drops teaser of upcoming League of Legends Pool Party 2020 skins

Summer is here, and you know what that means!

Some of your favorite League of Legends champions are getting summer-themed pool party skins. Let the splashing at Summoner’s Rift begin.

New skins

Earlier this year, Riot dropped some hints about future skins for some of the most “undeserved” champions in the game.

The list included a Pulsefire Pantheon, Astronaut skin for Bard, and a Pool Party look for Taliyah.

Most recently, devs teased a clip showing a group of champions chilling out on the beach— as they dip their legs right into the refreshing blue sea.

“Who’s ready for some sand, sun, and surf?”

The clue only presented their legs initially, but that didn’t stop long-time avid LoL players to guess which is which!


It didn’t take long for players to guess which champions will get the themed skin.

The replies on the official teaser tweet are filled with memes and more fan speculation:

“Pool party lux”

“Orianna Jarvan Jinx Teemo Taliyah?”

“Pool party Orianna with the volleyball,that would be nice”

“Calling it now: Orianna with orca ball. Jarvan with spear-like parasol. Syndra with beach ball. Heimerdinger with that shark tank turret thing. Taliyah with surfboard.”

“Orianna, Garen, Syndra, Corki and Talyiah- I’m like almost 100% convinced the hints are the blue water ride toy being corki’s plane and the volley ball is Syndra’s orbs”

To end rumors, Riot did reveal the official skin line-up a day after.

Who will receive the pool party skins?

It’s been confirmed: Syndra, Heimerdinger, Jarvan IV, Orianna and Taliyah will be the latest group of champions to receive their own Pool Party skins.

The skins were first revealed by the League of Legends Brazil account, confirming the never-ending rumors after the teasers were dropped.

Shortly after, the tweet was also posted along with a teaser trailer on the global LoL Twitter account:

“Pool Party Heimerdinger, Jarvan IV, Orianna, Syndra, and Taliyah are headed to the beach, aka PBE!

Surf’s up!”

Splash arts

Splash arts of the new pool party skins rapidly found their way to the PBE environment.

There’s the obviously competitive Syndra in a mid-volleyball game. Behind her is the ripped sandcastle master Heimerdinger and Prince Jarvan IV of Demacia dozing off beside his trident-umbrella.

The next splash art shows how it’s like to ride killer surfs. Taliyah traded out rocks for waves, surfing away from the shadow of Pool Party Rek’sai. Meanwhile, Orianna wields her inflatable as she defies her circuit and robotic origins to brave out the tides.

When will the skins be released?

The new pool party skins will be released in patch 8.13, or roughly two more weeks or so.

The price of these skins remain unconfirmed. However, they are likely to follow the pattern of previous releases around 1350 RP.

These skins will also have a number of chromas for sale too: 7 for Orianna and Taliyah, and 8 for Jarvan, Syndra, and Heimerdinger.

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