Valorant’s Act One Battle Pass will Take 100 Hours to Complete, according to Riot

Valorant’s official global launch has been a success.

If you started playing Riot’s agent-based tactical FPS, you might be wondering by now how long will it take to complete Valorant’s first battle pass?

Riot answers: roughly 100 hours and you’re good to go!

Episode 1

Like the majority of other free-to-play titles, Valorant features a paid Battle Pass which offers custom and exclusive perks for players.

What makes Valorant’s BP a bit more complicated is its unique structure.

The launch day marked the start of the game’s “Episode 1,” with each episode comprising Acts that span for about two months.

Every Act features a battle pass with 50 tiers (containing both free and Premium paths).

The BP is broken up into 10 chapters. Each chapter has five Premium tiers and a free Chapter completion reward that you can get when you complete all the premium tiers.

How long does it take to complete?

VALORANT revenue lead Joe “SWAGGERNAU7” Lee revealed that it will take about 100 hours to complete the game’s first battle pass.

His revelation comes after a viral Reddit thread, attempting to use math in breaking down how long someone must play each week if they want to complete the BP .

Lee explains that Valorant will smooth out the experience curves for each player to make the Battle Pass progression feel natural and less of a hard grind.

Early weekly missions will offer less XP than later weeklies, allowing players to catch up at the end if they weren’t able to grind everyday through out the first Act.

“Weekly XP’s also scale up in every week to smooth out the experience curves. Just to give you an idea, the first set of weeklies offer 28,350 total XP and the last set of weeklies offer 60,750 total XP. This will help make sure that you’re still able to progress through levels at a healthy clip towards the tail end of a battle pass (rather than just stalling out at the later levels).”

Weeklies do not expire until the end of the Act. Players will have the time from the moment the Act unlocks until the very end to try and complete the levels.

David “Milkcow” Cole, VALORANT game designer, also added:

“We want players to always have an opportunity for the large chunks of XP for their passes no matter when they join, assuming they can finish the weekly sets.”

However, players seem to frown at the idea of spending over 100 hours just to fully unlock the game’s first Act Battle Pass:

“100 hours for a 2 month battlepass seems like a bit much though, imo. A lot of competing games require about that much time invested to complete, but give you double the amount of time finish. (i.e 3 1/2 to 4 months.) Especially since the grind makes people need breaks from game.”

“Gonna be honest, that’s a bit insane. Assuming there are around 1450 hours in 2 months, that’s around 7% of the time you have to send just hardcore grinding.”

Valorant’s Act 1 Battle Pass costs $10. For the price, players are eligible to unlock Premium cosmetic rewards made exclusive to this season.

Although the original intention is to keep the content exclusive only within the Act it is released, Riot already hinted that some cosmetics may become available again in the future.

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