G2’s Mixwell shares tips for VALORANT solo queue players

Professional eSports players know how hard it is to thrive in a game’s solo queue matchmaking, but fortunately- casual players can learn a thing or two from the pros!

In particular, G2 pro eSports player Oscar ‘M1xwell’ Cañellas shared some words of wisdom for VALORANT solo queue players.

This includes tips to improve a player’s “winner mentality” and to stray away from “loser mentality” in any game.

Who is M1xwell?

G2’s M1xwell is considered as one of the best VALORANT players in the competitive scene, hence is why many players respect him as the standard for quality gameplay.

Any tips he shares about Valorant are always well-received by eSports aspirants.

Like other top-tier players in competitive Valorant, M1xwell spends most of his time playing Riot’s tactical FPS with a full team. However, for those who prefer to play solo or have no friends to form a party with, the eSports pro recently presented some pointers that could lead to improvement.

Mentality matters

In the world of gaming and professional eSports, mentality matters a lot. A player with a winning mentality versus someone with a losing one can lead to hugely different match results.

The former CS:GO icon told other players to prepare their mindset in the best “winner” condition, if they want to win solo matches.

He further explained his sentiments in a recent tweet, having listed some aspects that differentiate “winner mentality” from “loser mentality” when playing solo queue.

“Solo Q:

1) Winner mentality

– Voice-comms

– Teamplay

– No instalock

– Act nicely and have fun

– Give ideas to win the game

2) Loser mentality

– No one is talking

– I get baited

– Instalock Jett

– I only hear trashtalk

– I surrender”

The said tweet compares two versions of an average gamer, and how their particular mindset can impact the general gameplay.

If solo queue players aim to win their matches, they need to be communicative, mindful with their actions, and empathetic. All of these factors are what makes a player a real “team player.”

Open communication

In-game communication plays a huge role in a match’s outcome. Hence, it’s ideal to talk with your team pre-game and amid matches. Particularly, players should discuss agent compatibility and building in Valorant.

This allows even solo queue players to work as a team, instead of an individual player.

Upholding positivity, even in times of doubt or apparent hopelessness, is what turns a random squad into a victorious one.

M1xwell also listed some negative traits of a player with a “loser mentality,” which includes auto-locking agents merely out of personal preference, bad-mouthing others, having an individual playstyle, not working with the team, and not communicating in-game.

In general, players like these prove to be “toxic” players. Their negative mindset is likely unable to win their games as they are more deteriorative rather than supportive.

Of course, M1xwell boasts enough experience in professional Valorant to talk. The G2 eSports captain guided his team to victory with his “winner mentality,” winning 13 tournaments since the game’s debut and bringing home over $65,000 in prize pool earnings.

His current success in Valorant only follows his great and proven track record in CS:GO, so M1xwell already proved that he’s someone who knows what he’s doing when it comes to tactical FPS games.

Solo queue players, better make sure to take down some notes!

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