Next Annual Call of Duty Title Still on Track for 2020 Launch

Good news, gamers! The Next Call of Duty title scheduled for a 2020 release is still on track.

Although the gaming industry has seen lots of event and convention cancellations, delays, and serious production challenges, the new CoD 2020 title in the fall proves to be a silver lining that many look forward to.

2020 Timeline

2020 is supposedly a jam-packed year for the famous FPS title, introducing new game modes, titles, and even competitions.

There has been a moment of confusion among fans whether or not certain updates to the game will be postponed (or worse, cancelled)— but it seems like things are turning well for CoD.

“2020 will be an awesome year for Call of Duty. 

  • New Call of Duty game this fall
  • Call of Duty: Warzone Free to Play w/ new updates + seasons
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare w/ new seasons + updates 
  • Call of Duty: Mobile 
  • Call of Duty League”

Fall Release

Starting in 2005, there has been a new Call of Duty title released annually, with the latest being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

But with the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been affected including CoD developer Treyarch.

As a result, gaming fans can’t help but wonder if the next title is still headed for the green light.

Bloomberg News reporter Jason Schreier recently confirmed on Twitter that the 2020 Call of Duty title is still right on schedule for a fall release.

“As of right now it’s still planned for fall, but nobody knows what’s going to happen in the coming months!”

It’s important to note the disclaimer though, considering the future remains uncertain and unprecedented events may officially delay the game’s launch.

Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, Schreier believes there’s no such thing as a “final decision” at the moment.

“In the midst of a pandemic there’s no such thing as a final decision on anything”

Black Ops Rumors

Because of the limited time frame and the number of issues developers had to deal with in the past months, there are circulating rumors about the next title as another game in the Call of Duty: Black Ops series.

But according to data miner TheGamingRevolution, a 2020 Black Ops title is unlikely. The closest thing to it, though, is a related game about the lore of the Black Ops series.

Even Schreier is not buying the idea of a Black Ops reboot as he answered a related inquiry on Twitter.

“I don’t think it’s a reboot”

Call of Duty: Vietnam

Additional information suggests the 2020 Call of Duty game is not a Black Ops reboot, but is a title set in the Cold War/Vietnam era.

Schreier internally heard that “Call of Duty: Vietnam” has been mentioned as a possible name for it.

“I’m not a COD person so I don’t know anything about all the lore shenanigans or what it really means to be a Black Ops game, but one title I’ve heard thrown around a couple times is just “COD: Vietnam.” As far as I know it’s part of the Black ops series though? Not sure”

Possible, but not final.

Whatever the latest installment in the CoD franchise is going to be, players can most likely look forward to its launch in the fall.

Fans can also expect more updates and official announcements from Treyarch and Activision about the said game’s progress— whether it’s going to be pushed back or not.

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