Shroud and Ninja engage in friendly fire over DrDisrespect’s bronze Valorant placement

Nothing like a good ol’ friendly fire between some of the biggest names in the gaming industry!

Mixer stars Shroud and Ninja recently roasted DrDisrespect over his bronze placement in Valorant.

Loser, Winner

DrDisrespect uninstalled the viral Riot FPS title after placing bronze and losing a bet to fellow creator TimTheTatman.

On May 21, the Doc partook in a Valorant bet with TimTheTatman to determine who would finish higher. The two also recently completed their placement matches.

Whoever loses would have to give 100 Twitch subs to the winner.

After the match was concluded, the Doc placed Bronze 3 while Tim was higher at Silver 2. The latter was two full levels above the two-time champion.

Below the bronze tier is iron, which is the lowest rank to conquer.

While it could have been worse for the Doc, he wasn’t able to showcase his fast reflexes and momentum which he is famous for in similar titles like Call of Duty and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PuBG).

Fulfilling the bet

A man of his words, DrDisrespect gifted 100 subscriptions to Tim – but not before uninstalling the game while on-stream.

“Before I gift 100 subs [to Tim], the one thing I have been looking forward to all day is getting this game off my computer. Never playing it again!”

The two-time also got rid of Vanguard, the anti-cheating software packaged with the Riot title.

“Get rid of Vanguard too. Get it off my system. $250,000 PC, you think I’m going to have some Vanguard security system on it? Wrong!”

The two-time recently unveiled his new gaming PC, dubbed as ‘Aventum X’ and supplied by Digital Storm PC.

Fans and gaming enthusiasts collectively agreed how the brand new set-up is an overkill for gaming.

Cue the taunting!

DrDisrespect’s antics, particularly his low bronze rank, quickly spread like fire on social media.

Fellow big-shot streamers like Ninja and shroud even took it to social media to taunt the former over his low rank placement.

“.@drdisrespect B R O N Z E .”

Ninja, a Fortnite star, also engaged in the friendly fire.


Dealing with mockery

DrDisrespect is known for his competitiveness and ego, which is why it’s not a surprise that he unfollowed both Mixer stars on Twitter in response to the mockery.

The two-time was as sour as vinegar, even showing the process on stream without uttering a word.

Whether DrDisrespect will follow shroud or Ninja on Twitter once again is yet to be determined. Fans might also have to wait for a while before he decides to reinstall Valorant back.

The talked-about Riot title is slated to officially launch on June 2, 2020. Everyone’s rank will be reset, giving Doc a shot at dramatic redemption.

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