PUBG Mobile announces collaboration with K-POP group Blackpink

Blackpink in your area?

It seems like Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa will soon be making their appearance on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.

Confirmed collaboration

PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds (PUBG) Mobile confirmed its upcoming collaboration with South Korean girl group BLACKPINK, after teasing the exclusive collab earlier this week.

A pink colour-themed graphic featuring a girl with bangs, pink hair, pink glasses and reflective sunglasses has been initially teased in a now-viral tweet with the caption:

“Guess who is coming.”

Many die-hard BLACKPINK fans recognized the teaser’s likeness to member Lalisa Manoban, who is known for her iconic bangs and sharp fashion sense. At the reflection of the glasses, the battleground is visible.

Accordingly, Lisa is also the brand ambassador of the Brawl Stars game, which is another Tencent-owned game.

The mobile title later took the fanfare to its official Twitter account, revealing that the hit online multiplayer battle royale game will team up with the KPOP girl group.


No further details yet

Not much has been revealed about the collaboration so far, but members Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa are expected by many fans to be special playable avatars.

Graphic teasers also hint at a BLACKPINK-colored themed airdrop box, a pink car, and the lightstick — associated with the BLACKPINK fandom called BLINKS.

The lightstick might even be a usable weapon in the form of a “lightstick hammer.”

No official date has been announced for the game’s latest collaboration yet.


PUBG Mobile’s decision to collaborate with BLACKPINK can give a marketing boost to the BR title.

The famous K-POP girl group broke YouTube’s record for the biggest music video premiere with their song “Ice Cream,” featuring singer Selena Gomez. It even landed the 13th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

As the K-pop stars prepare to make their PUBG Mobile in-game debut, Kpop fans are looking into playing the mobile title to see and experience it for themselves.

Many fans took it to social media to express their excitement over the collaboration they didn’t see coming:

“I am a PUBG player since this game was released in the mobile version. And now my favorite game collaborating with my favorite group @BLACKPINK this is really amazing omg I’m excited”


My fav game is now PUBG!”

“thank you so much! so excited for this.”

“I don’t have any idea of how the game goes but im downloading PUBG anyway as we speak. I’ll just figure everything out later. The things I’d do for @BLACKPINK #PUBGMxBlackpink”


PUBG Mobile made headlines recently after the game was banned in India amid security concerns. Delhi decided to ban some apps with links to China on a national basis.

In turn, game developer PUBG Corporation said it would take on publishing responsibilities in India to have its game reinstated in the country’s market.

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