Call of Duty: Warzone may soon head to mobile

It seems like Call of Duty: Mobile isn’t all that Activision has in store for the famed franchise on tablets and mobile devices.

A now-deleted job posting suggests that Warzone will also be coming to mobile. The popular Battle Royale mode is already a huge success on PC and consoles.

Leaked job advertisement?

Activision posted a new job listing on September 16, hinting that there are plans to bring Warzone to mobile.

In the now-deleted job description, an “Executive Producer, Features (WZM)” is being sought, presuming that WZM stands for Warzone Mobile.

A confirmation for the WZM idea is further detailed in the job description:

“Harvest, adapt and deliver the essential features from Warzone console and PC into their best mobile instantiation. Serve as primary point of contact on Warzone Mobile leadership team for clarity and decisions on user-facing features, UX and overall quality.”

The sought candidate is set to be the contact person in the Warzone mobile guidance team.

The listing further states that the sought applicant needs to learn how to adapt Warzone into a true mobile experience and understand what aspects of the mode are essential to carry over.

Thanks to advancements in mobile development over the years, the console experience of Warzone can be somewhat replicated on mobile.

“Improve upon the Warzone formula by proposing and producing mobile-specific additions and changes to features to ensure a best-in-class mobile experience that players will love.”

“Serve as primary point of contact on Warzone Mobile leadership team for clarity and decisions on user-facing features, UX and overall quality.”

Call of Duty: Warzone was released last March 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is a free to play game part of the Modern Warfare world.

This fall, it is slated to be expanded to connect with Black Ops Cold War.

Sadly, the job posting is no longer available which only means two things— Activision may have either deleted it or the position has already been filled.

Stand-alone title?

After the alleged leaks, Call of Duty fans and gaming enthusiasts alike have been wondering if WZM will be a stand-alone title or another part of Call of Duty: Mobile.

The mobile title is now in its Season 10, with more than 250 million downloads worldwide. It is popular for its multiplayer maps, with a range of classic game modes like Search and Destroy and Domination.

However, CoD Mobile already has its own Battle Royale mode— so either Activision will replace the mode with Warzone, integrate Warzone as an additional mode, or launch Warzone Mobile as a completely separate game.

Popular BR titles like PUBG and Fortnite have long since enjoyed success on mobile phones and tablets. Activision’s next step of bringing the Warzone thrill to more devices only seems logical.

Can’t wait for what Activision has in store for Call of Duty fans!

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