PewDiePie surprised by popular kids YouTube channel that could surpass him and T-Series

Apparently, it’s not just Pewdiepie and T-Series that are battling it out atop YouTube’s number one spot.

A surprising contender is making its way into the picture. Any guesses? Well, this one’s likely something we’ll never expect at any point in time.

Even Pewdiepie was surprised by the contender in the form of the popular kids YouTube channel, CocoMelon.

Joining forces

Making light of the situation, Pewdiepie jokes he and T-Series will need to collaborate as the children’s channel is set to surpass them in subscribers.

The CocoMelon channel is continuously gathering around 69 million daily views, while Pewds only has 10 million. With 83 million subscribers, CocoMelon is expected to grow rapidly over the next months.

This can be a rather alarming pace compared to the platform’s current leading content creators Pewdiepie (105 million) and the Indian record label T-Series (140 million).

What is CocoMelon?

If you’ve never heard of the name CocoMelon, chances are you might have heard a song or two from them instead.

The channel edits bright and fun-to-watch animations with songs designed for kids. It has been on YouTube since 2006.

CocoMelon’s most popular video has amassed 2.6 billion views. Eight of its top videos rack up more than a billion views— which is a whopping figure.

Pewdiepie exclaims in a recent reaction video:

“They [CocoMelon] can’t keep getting away with it!”

Calling on T-Series to join forces, he says:

“We need to join forces to defeat this evil. They’re going to take over both of us unless we join forces. I’m joking of course. But still, am I?”

What makes CocoMelon popular?

Even Pewdiepie, arguably one of the most famous faces of the platform, is confused as to how a kids channel could grow tremendously.

“What is it that CocoMelon does that makes it so goddamn popular? If you look at their channel, it’s pretty incredible, not gonna lie. Their most popular videos, almost 10 of them, have over a billion [views]. A billion! How is that even possible?”

Well, parenting is getting harder these days with more kids being reliant on the entertainment offered by the internet.

It seems like lots of parents are relying on CocoMelon to keep their kids preoccupied as they do other chores inside their homes or tend to their work responsibilities.

Pewdiepie also pointed out what the channel offers that he doesn’t have in his usual comedic content: ‘Nightmare fuel’, and ‘a minute mark in the corner for parents that can’t figure out how to read the bottom of the corner.’

Only a slight threat

Due to the channel’s impressive growth, Pewdiepie considers it a slight threat to his throne.

However, CocoMelon “has not won yet”— at least to him.

Although his words are reminiscent of his competitive spirit much like the days wherein he had to compete head-to-head with T-series, he clarified he doesn’t plan to go down that route again anytime soon.

The Pewdiepie vs T-Series battle has truly shaken up YouTube and the entire online community last year.

It took a while, but the Indian record label gradually overtook the popular Swedish YouTuber in terms of subscribers.

It’s only a matter of time now before we discover if CocoMelon has the power to trample over them both.

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