Dafran to retire from full-time streaming?

In a surprising announcement, it seems like Twitch star Dafran is planning to retire from full-time streaming.

And the reason being? The streamer is set to farm… not in-game but in the literal sense of the word.

Following his passion

Dafran said he has decided not to rely on streaming to make ends meet, and even joked he’ll follow his passion to “farm” – which means to get into agricultural study.

In a tweet, he announced the next chapter of his life:

“The new chapter!”

The Twitch streamer further explains in a redirected TwitLonger post:

“It is time for a new chapter in my life. I am going to be starting on an education, that has to do with growing fruits, vegetables and etc.”

The reasons behind

Dafran cited two reasons as to why he arrived at such a decision.

The first one, he says,

“We only have 1 life to live, do what makes you happy.”

And the second being:

“I have already spent 1/3 of my life infront of the computer”

Being a competitive Overwatch player and a full-time game streamer may have taken its toll on him.

He has long since retired from professional esports in favor of streaming. Only recently, Dafran even took part in Valorant show matches.

Not the end

He clarifies this may not be the end of his streaming career, though. It’s just that he plans on no longer streaming on a regular basis like usual.

“This is not the end completely though, I will still stream for fun but rarely.”

In his latest streams, Dafran is seen to be more engaged in farming simulator games, such as when he played Stardew Valley.

It may have been the inspiration why he boldly made an announcement about pursuing his real-life farming dreams.


The streamer is known to troll his audience before with pranks and false announcements.

Upon hearing the shocking announcement, some fans aren’t surprised if this one turns out to be another well-crafted prank of his.

“Say sike :(“

“Not sure if Kappa”

“I hope this is a jebaited moment like that time you made us wait one hour for that “big surprise”. If not, i hope you do well on your strawberry farm. We love you.”

However, others are showing their massive support for his IRL ventures:

“You found your passion in plants, I found mine in stonks. It’s time to pop off again! Good luck man <3”

“Let’s grow dude”

“Dafran be playing irl farm simulator”

“Thank you for entertaining us all, and I wish you the best in your future adventures.  I hope that one day you’ll get that strawberry greenhouse you talked about.”

Dafran once talked on stream how he wants to start farming strawberries at some point, so he may be serious in this endeavor.

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