Jeffree Star Drops a Peek of His $14.6 Million Dream Mansion

Jeffree Star’s widely-anticipated new mansion home tour is finally here!

Aside from giving his fans an exclusive sneak peek, the star also talked about quitting music and building his growing cosmetics empire.

The 36-minute video tour of his multi-million dollar mansion has over 14.8M views as of writing.

He was accompanied by his partner Ryland and fellow Youtuber Shane Dawson for his first video of 2020.

The video highlights remarkable assets of the new house, including the driveway, the backyard pool, and everything in between.

The mansion reportedly costs around 14.6M USD. It is as wide as 25,000 sq./ft. and has two attached guest houses. The garage is also a solid 4,700 sq./ft.

The multi-million dollar mansion is situated on 2.8 acres in Hidden Hills, CA.

The video opened with Star describing his grind from the bottom to where he is at the moment. He talked about how he made his dreams come true with less than $500 in his pocket after quitting music.

“When I quit music I literally had about $400 plus dollars left… and I had dreams of starting a makeup line.”

“I never gave up on myself. I want you guys to take that away from me, I never gave up on my dreams and no dream is ever too big. That’s what I’ve learned. Every time I accomplish something I see that there is so much out there for me to do.”

Other highlights of the mansion were then shown, such as the home-theater, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, sauna, kitchen, pool and backyard.

Star also describes what he plans on doing with each room and the renovations he has in mind.

“I’m not gonna do a Barbie-house and I think a lot of people may be shocked by that. But I’m just feeling a whole different vibe of like opulence and black velvet and gold and white and like, woodsy.”

Jeffree Star, who currently has 17M subscribers on his Youtube channel, gained worldwide popularity as a make-up artist and cosmetics creator.

As a conclusion, he thanked his fans and everyone that supported him to make his dream turn into reality.

Watch the full video tour and see the obscene mansion for yourself.

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