Ninja Sends Ewok a Gift – A Pair of Exclusive Adidas Shoes

FaZe clan’s Ewok was more than ecstatic to have received a pair of Ninja’s exclusive Adidas shoes from the Mixer star himself.

Ninja is the first professional gamer to collaborate with Adidas, showing off his line of hoodies and jacket back in August.

Soleil ‘Ewok’ Wheeler took it to Twitter to thank the fellow Mixer star for his generous gesture:

“Thank you @ninja for sending me these cool shoes! 🤟”

Finding mutual ground as previous Twitch streamers, the two jumped ships to the rival platform last year – seeking greener pastures on Mixer.

Ewok’s fans and supporters seem to be appreciative about Ninja’s incredible generosity:

“those shoes go CRAZY”
“That’s awesomeeee”

Ninja’s family and friends have also received the special Adidas x Ninja shoes and computer case.

In fact, fellow streamer and close friend CouRageJD got it as a present last December.

“THIS IS SO SICK! Custom @Ninja x Adidas shoes and computer case… Insane. Congratulations again and thank you!!!”

The adidas by Ninja “TIME IN” Nite Jogger was launched in December of last year. It was designed to celebrate the many hours content creators put into their work.

“I’m beyond thrilled and humbled to finally show the world what I’ve been working on with Adidas. The ‘Time In’ Nite Jogger represents the culmination of countless hours dedicated to my craft paying off…”

The official collaboration sees the gaming icon’s take on the Nite Jogger, a retro silhouette that debuted back in 1980.

The “Time In” version comes in Ninja’s blue and yellow signature colors, with the gamer’s branding featured at the tongue and in the sockliner.

Recognizing the time Ninja personally put into gaming, the shoe also features a “20k” on the heel which represents the number of hours he has streamed.

“If a kid from Chicago who just loves playing video games can collaborate with one of the sporting world’s most iconic brands to launch a shoe together, anything is truly possible. It’s through this philosophy that I hope I can help inspire the next generation of creators to realize their dreams.”

It’s no wonder how the shoes were sold-out all across the US and the UK!

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