Fortnite Developers Finally Respond to Players Dealing with Frustrating Framerate Issues

Recently, there has been a flood of player complaints regarding uncontrollable FPS issues causing their frame rates to drop.

This has cost many players to lose their matches as the game becomes unbearable to play.

Since its release in 2017, Fortnite quickly dominated the gaming scene. Millions continue to play one of the most popular Battle Royale games even now at its twelfth season.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 (launched February 20) introduced new items and rejuvenated the gaming experience for long-time players.

But just like most updates, it also presented a couple of issues.

Fortnite devs were quick to fix many of the bugs on their February 25 surprise patch.

The new update sorted out the game’s aim assist and editing system issues. One problem remains, though, prompting fans to speak up about the matter.

Players across all platforms have been experiencing consistent framerate issues. In turn, the game appears laggy and makes it difficult to play.

It became clear how the issue wasn’t because of the devices (since it’s a common issue on console or PC), but rather on Fornite’s latest update itself.

Although there’s nothing players can do until the developers address the issue, they have collectively spoken up about it on social media to let Epic Games know.

Fortunately, Epic Games have (finally) responded to the woes of players. On February 27, they have confirmed that an update was on the way to fix the issue in an upcoming patch.

They have also released a maintenance patch for PS4 players, to hopefully address the game’s performance.

Devs also confirmed that they are “working on performance improvements for all platforms”.

They have acknowledged the reports submitted by the community, and are currently developing a fix to improve everyone’s gaming experience.

On the game’s official Twitter account,  devs confirmed:

“We’ve released a maintenance patch on PlayStation 4 to address performance… We’re also working on performance improvements for all platforms.”

Hopefully, the said improvements can fix the framerate problems and make it easier for every player to play without dealing with visual lagging.

Framerate issues can make it hard for players to spot opponents or simply move around the map.

A release date for the said fix is yet to be announced. Fortnite fans may have to bear with it for a while until developers release more details.

Regardless, players are thankful that the developers are acknowledging their concerns:

“Thank God my game in general feels hella laggy and delayed”

“Oh my god i thought it was just my pc thank u”

“Thank you very much for working on a new update to improve the performance of the game especially on the PC platform, I greatly appreciate <3”

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