Pewdiepie Teases New Weekly Show Following Return from Youtube Hiatus

The Youtube King may have teased his fans with a brand new show during his recent upload.

Is it a new series similar to LWIAY and Pew News?

Turns out, this potential new weekly project would be similar to a mini “podcast”.

Aside from providing his fans entertaining Minecraft content, which turned out to be a trademark of his, Pewdiepie didn’t make it on top of Youtube by sticking to one content type only.

He spiced up the variety of his content, from doing meme reviews to playing indie games and giving it a review.

Now that he’s fresh from his month-long hiatus from Youtube, he teased the idea of a new show that he’s possibly considering.

He’s hesitant to call it a “podcast”, but the idea is the same. The new show on his channel would be similar to PewNews (which started in 2018), where he reacts to the latest news in the internet world.

Pewdiepie explained:

“I’ve been thinking, I’ve been playing around with ideas because I want to do a weekly show. And I think a weekly PewNews recap could be kind of fun. Almost like… I don’t want to say the P word. I don’t want to say podcast. But I think something like that could be interesting.”

Many content creators in the same industry have widened their options and picked up the podcast format with success.

Perhaps, the very same case will happen to Pewdiepie. He’s the top 1 individual content creator on the platform, after all.

For instance, Ethan and Hila Klein (from the comedic duo H3H3) transitioned from regular Youtube uploads to hosting the H3 Podcast which has become popular on the channel.

This may be the first out of the many new projects Pewds is considering. In his first video upload from his break, he expressed his desire to create some changes to his usual content.

“It was good for me to take a break to sort of process what I’m doing and what I, what I want to do in the future and there’s definitely some changes I will have to do with the channel I think but I’ll, I’ll do them gradually.”

A hint at new projects is what keeps his fans hooked. Despite his absence from the platform, his channel’s growth and views hasn’t been impacted in the slightest.

The premise of the new show may sound similar to his mini weekly recap video (PewNews), but Pewds may have something up his sleeve to make it something fresh.

Before his break, Pew News was a regular segment on his channel but as of writing it has been almost two months since its last episode.

The Pew News Show is hosted by Pewds’ alternate persona Poppy Smoria, featuring news and other current events along with his own take on the stories.

Others speculate the brand new show might copy the similar format of other famous Youtube podcasts like Impauslive and Lew Later, which may be more in-depth and longer than his usual uploads.

Guess fans may have to wait a while and see!

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