Movers Stole Pokimane’s Underwear?

In a rather surprising story on December 2, gamer girl Pokimane revealed all her undergarments were lost during her recent move.

She took it to Twitter to announce the strange and bizarre happening.

“all of my bras, undies, and socks were “lost” in the move <__< wtf”

Fans were quick to speculate the movers may have stolen Pokimane’s underwear — although it hasn’t been clarified yet if Poki’s telling the truth or merely pulling a prank on her fans.

Taking light of the matter, one fan suggested it could be a way for Poki to launch a successful line of undergarment merch.

“Really sucks for Poki but if she truly is the business woman people make her out to be, this would be the perfect time to launch a line of undergarments and footwear merch.”

Since we saw rather controversial products like Belle Delphine’s personally used gamer girl bath water on sale this year, this Pokimane exclusive merch won’t be much of a surprise.

Only one way to find out though — and that is if ever you see Pokimane’s preloved undergarments being listed on sites like eBay.

Many are confident that stuff is gonna show up on eBay in a month or sooner. Nonetheless, thirsty gamers and die-hard Pokimane fans may be delighted to see what’s in store for them this coming Christmas season.

So if you ever see one being auctioned online, chances are it’s not entirely scam!

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