Tension Ensues between Female Streamers CorinnaKopf and Alinity

Grab your popcorn, as drama’s about to go down!

Streamers Corinna Kopf and Alinity had a recent heated exchange on Twitter, garnering the attention of the online community.

Following her birthday ban, Corinna Kopf went to subtweet Alinity over Twitch’s “inconsistent” ban policy:

“remember someone threw their cat but i got banned for wearing a cute top 🥴”

The model and streamer revealed she had been banned from Twitch for wearing “undergarments”, even though she disputes that. She claims she’s merely wearing a cute tank top.

She was quick to point out the platform’s inconsistent ban policy, specifically mentioning Alinity’s now-infamous moment where she tossed a cat over her shoulder yet she avoided a Twitch ban somehow.

Despite all the backlash and PETA’s blatant worry against such an act, the platform decided not to ban her for it.

It has since drawn a lot of criticism by members of the community including other streamers, such as Kopf herself. She used Alinity’s case as a prime example of how inconsistent bans can be.

Alinity responded to Kopf’s call-out by replying “but her emails”, a reference to the 2016 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her use of a private server to send emails.

The brief exchange could’ve ended there, but an obviously vexed Corinna went further to drag the other over a recent controversy.

“girl, you let your dog stick it’s face in your vagina for 10 seconds lmfao”

In case you missed it, a clip went viral back in November where Alinity’s dog sticks its nose where no dog ever should — while she is doing yoga on her stream.

Alinity seems to have no direct response to Kopf’s comment, probably because most of it was true.

However, she did reply that she was sympathetic to Kopf, but she should first work on her own issues before looking for excuses.

Ending the heated exchange, Kopf fired back by saying she was not looking for excuses, but just giving examples and it just so happens it includes Alinity.

“i’m not looking for an excuse, i’m just pointing out the inconsistency in their rules and banning process, and you just so happen to be an example on multiple occasions 👋🏼”

A lot of users agree that Twitch seems to be inconsistent in banning a partner or streamer whenever he or she crosses community guidelines, and this is only one case.

Do you think Twitch’s decision to ban Kopf for considering her tank top outfit as “undergarments” is justifiable?

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