PewDiePie Hailed as the Most-Watched YouTube Creator of 2019 with 4 Billion Views

PewDiePie Hailed as the Most-Watched YouTube Creator of 2019 with 4 Billion Views

It’s that time of the year for Youtube Rewind 2019! Most notably, the platform has made significant changes to their year-end wrap-up video.

From featuring some of Youtube’s family-friendly faces (like last year), they’ve featured a line-up of the most popular content creators and videos for this year.

Unsurprisingly, Pewdiepie is hailed as the most-watched Youtube creator of 2019 with over 4 billion views.

Yes, his fanbase remains stronger than ever.

Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellber is a Youtuber known for his comedic skits and game playthroughs. He holds the title of being the most-subscribed individual Youtube creator with 102 million followers as of writing.

Presumably because of his influence, the sandbox video game Minecraft also raked in 100.2 billion views on the platform. In fact, it topped Youtube’s list of most viewed video games of 2019.

His notable foray into the game prompted Pewds to be a self-described “Minecraft YouTuber.”

After him, the most-viewed YouTube creators of 2019 are:

  • Felipe Neto (2.8 billion), Brazilian vlogger
  • Pencilmation (2.8 billion), Animation channel
  • Jelly (2.5 billion), Dutch gaming creator
  • David Dobrik (2.4 billion)
  • Dude Perfect (2.3 billion), Trick-shot artists
  • MrBeast (2.2 billion), Creator-philanthropist
  • LazarBeam (2 billion), Australian gamer
  • Fischer’s (1.9 billion), A seven-member Japanese vlog crew
  • AzzyLand (1.9 billion), Canadian cosplayer-gamer

A master at continuously growing his following by the day, Pewdiepie regularly produces a popular Youtube series named “Meme review”

He recently weighed in on the internet sensation, Baby Yoda, a tiny but cute green alien from the Disney Plus series “The Mandalorian”.

Another crowd favorite on Pewd’s channel for this year was a film documentary of his wedding day with long-time girlfriend Marzia.

The 6-minute video garnered over 29.2 million views to date.

Pewdiepie’s popularity around the world remains undisputed, considering he has a higher favorability rating than NBA superstar Lebron James among Gen Z males in the US.

Although they have the same name recognition (95%), a majority of these teenagers held a more favorable view of Pewdiepie at 62% compared to James’ 55%.

Watch the full rewind below:

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