DisguisedToast Defends his Move to Exclusively Stream on Facebook

The streamer spoke out against rubbish claims that his move from Twitch to Facebook Gaming shows he doesn’t care about his loyal following.

On November 22, Toast announced his decision to exclusively stream his gameplays on Facebook Gaming, joining a few other Twitch personalities who recently made a mass exodus away from the platform.

The 28-year-old was quick to hit back at comments suggesting he was selfish in his choice to take Facebook’s offer.

It all started when pro gamer and streamer Mike ‘Wickd’ Petersen shared rather controversial thoughts about streaming on Facebook Gaming:

“Perhaps unpopular opinion, but I think if you go from being a twitch streamer to a facebook streamer. It shows that you don’t give a shit about your audience.

Facebook in its current form is terrible for streaming.”

In turn, an irked Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang was quick to respond by subtweeting the original tweet with his own sentiments:

“unPoPulAr oPinion” proceeds to give a popular opinion. Fuck off.

My audience isn’t just my twitch viewers, it’s YT, Twitter, FB, etc

I have more time to focus on content besides streaming while helping improve a new platform.

Don’t say I don’t give a shit about my audience.”

Defending his decision, Toast revealed how a major part of his choice to move was also because of the website’s willingness to support his philanthropic endeavors, including raising money for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Admitting there are still several UI issues that need to be addressed, Toast already helped escalate these streaming-related issues to the platform already.

This includes technical issues such as Dark Mode and not having his full name displayed at all times.

“There’s definitely several UI issues and improvements that can be made.

The platform can use some work and we’re going to try and improve it.”

Not everyone thinks Toast’s platform switch is a bad decision though. Fellow OfflineTV streamer Pokimane suggests Wang’s move to Facebook could be a positive for both parties moving forward.

“Facebook Gaming, in general, isn’t that developed… But I think he’s not only a great streamer, but he’s a very smart businessman. So he’ll be able to help them make changes that’ll make their live streaming better.”

Facebook Gaming can be a good avenue for streamers, and it can get you more viewers than major sites like Twitch. However, the system in its current construct isn’t well-developed yet.

Moreover, the platform isn’t designed primarily for streaming unlike Mixer or Twitch.

Major streaming platforms like Mixer, Twitch, and Youtube are owning the spotlight — but underdogs such as Facebook Gaming may soon rise up to the ranks!

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