Shroud says Valorant is “much easier” to play than CS:GO

Who better to ask about a legit Valorant-CS:GO comparison than a pro gamer who has played both games?

Shroud is here once again to share his insights about the two famed FPS titles.

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is only one of the many gaming personalities who hold a massive influence over their fans because of their honest opinion.

Because of his massive viewership numbers and a large fanbase, fans value his thoughts and opinions on FPS titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, Apex Legends, and now Riot Games’ Valorant.

Valorant is easier

It didn’t take long for Shroud to reach a verdict on how Valorant is so much easier to play than CS:GO.

For Shroud, the skill ceiling and potential in Valorant is relatively lower than what is needed in the latter.

He initially dropped his first take on how Valorant is “incredible,” and is turning out to be a game to bet on in the long run.

And for his recent take, Shroud believes that the Riot FPS title is attempting to reach people with no experience playing shooter games.

“This game is trying to reach people that don’t play [shooters],”

Although map knowledge, great aim, and fast movement prove to be an advantage in Valorant— he believes it is the agent abilities that makes it easier for people to play.

Crucial difference

Regarding the crucial difference between the two titles, Shroud says it all boils down to abilities and how it is much easier to pull a move off, like a well-placed some in Valorant.

He shared his thoughts during a recent Mixer stream:

“It’s obvious enough when you play Brimstone or you play Omen. You push one button and you get this whole view.”

For instance, after choosing where you want to smoke, you can easily activate it on any part of the map.

This reason is enough for Shroud to consider Valorant a whole lot easier to play than CS:GO.

“That right there can show you how the game is kinda dumbed down to make those lesser players be at the top faster.”

For those who are lost about what Shroud is exactly talking about, here’s a Valorant clip he shared on Twitter just recently.

Fans seem to agree with Shroud’s take on the game:

“’A lot of people who have been playing Valorant had never touched another FPS game in their lives’  So true.  I was playing Valorant the other day and some guy on the other team called me a cheater. We were exchanging messages back and forth throughout the game and out of curiosity i asked him what other games he plays and he was like “I play Roblox and Minecraft”. I was like “Yeah..  i play Minecraft too. Do you play any FPS games. He answered. “Nah the only time i had ever played FPS games was in an internet cafe with my friends. ”

“How to become a pro in Valorant

Step 1: Become a pro in Counter- Strike: Global Offensive

Step 2: Wreck the noobs!”

Shroud says this is the goal of Valorant though, to give players an easier FPS experience (compared to other leading titles). He believes that the abilities are there to “dumb it down.”

Valorant may have a lower skill ceiling according to Shroud, but he still enjoys the game as it is.

It doesn’t seem like the pro gamer will be abandoning the Riot title any time soon!

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