Valorant Player Caught Cheating in $2,000 Tournament

A Valorant player, confirmed to be cheating in a $2,000 tournament, has been officially banned.

Although it doesn’t seem like the cheat was caught by Vanguard, Valorant’s anti-cheating software, any player caught using exploits in Valorant tournaments will be banned from the game as a result.

TGS Signature Series

During the past weekend’s TGS Signature Series Valorant tournament, a player going by the name “Ryut” who competed on team Tokyo was proven to be using some sort of “aim hack” in the competition.

Many accusations of in-game cheating and alleged aim hacks have been controversial, since many players can just argue they have a good aim.

However, this particular incident was undeniably a “cheat.”

What happened?

Amid playing near double doors on Heaven, the player turned the corner and instantly locked on a headshot on an opponent at the other side of the door.

In any case, there’s no possible way for him to have seen the player. The lock-on was a quick snap target to the opponent’s head, which makes the cheat obvious.

Team Tokyo managed to advance to the quarterfinals of the competition, before losing 2-0 to Vancouver Elated.

It was during the quarterfinal match where the said cheat was observed, but there’s also a possibility for the player to have used cheats throughout the competition.

The good news is, only the top four teams in the tournament were able to secure any prize money.

What happened to Ryut?

The player in question, Ryut, allegedly deleted all of their social media accounts. He is also yet to personally comment on the accusations.

Someone who reported the player, however, confirmed that Ryut has been banned from Valorant for good.

“The player “RYUT” has deleted his Discord and Twitter have sent in his tag to riot so he most likely will be banned too with it

cheating in a tournament what a d*mbass jesus”

Flaws in Vanguard

Valorant’s anti-cheat system, called Vanguard, is good at detecting in-game cheats and bug exploits— but this just goes on to show that the system is not perfect.

It takes a while for new exploits to be detected by the system. If someone decides to develop an exclusive, custom cheat for themselves— it can certainly take a while to detect.

The viral clip has been circulating across Valorant online communities. Given that the aim hack has been very obvious, there’s a big chance the ban was manually done by the Riot Games team and it was not picked up by Vanguard.

Most of the bans in Valorant are hardware-related bans, so if Ryut wants to start fresh on the famed tactical 5v5 title, he will need a new PC to play on.

Emerging as winners of the competition was a team called “big pizza,” taking down Mamba Mode Gaming in the grand final.

Setting aside the cheating issue, the tournament was still considered a big success especially in the rising Valorant eSports scene.

With the cheater being banned, may it send a firm message to the players who are planning to use exploits and win their way to the top in an unfair and easy manner.

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