Fortnite Issues “Addiction” Warnings for Playing Long Hours in China

Are you suffering from Fortnite addiction? Worry no more, China has the answer.

And if you’re a parent whose child is addicted to the titular battle royale game, this protocol implemented in China might be a good call.

It is confirmed how Fortnite players in China will be receiving in-game messages if they’re playing too much of the game.

After Epic Games dropped Fortnite’s first patch for the season (V12.10), the previously-leaked Proximity Mine and a few bug fixes were introduced.

Data miners are yet to discover deeply into the game files, although finding out some upcoming in-game cosmetics.

One particular update intrigued leakers the most, though. And it has something to do with game addiction.

A particular data miner, @FireMonkey on Twitter, was among those who first discovered that players may soon get a notification if they’ve exceeded the playtime of more than three hours, among other things.

“New Warning Texts:

The following thread will be going over new strings added apparently to help stop people from having a “Fortnite addiction”.

No clue if this is something you can turn on from parental controls of if it’s forced on.”

The first warning will inform players they have been playing consecutively for about three hours now. As a result, their in-game earnings may be cut in half and the challenge progress may be disabled.

Perhaps advocating for a healthier lifestyle among gamers, the game will also advise players to do some physical exercise.

Players who will ignore the first warning and continue to play for five hours will receive the same warning message.

Called the “fatigue gaming period”, the message will shortly require players to logout from the game and get some well-deserved rest.

A third warning will inform players they’ve already reached the “unhealthy gaming period”. Different from the first two notifications, the player’s Fortnite gains will be brought to zero and their challenge progress will be turned off.

Players who ignore the notification warnings will continue to face zero gains and a disabled challenge progress. It will only return to normal if one’s accumulative offline time has reached five hours.

For now, there is no need for global Fortnite players to panic about this new leak. They can still do their usual grind in the BR shooter, since the updates were linked to Tencent, a Chinese-owned company in charge of publishing Fortnite in China.

“QUICK UPDATE: These “Fortnite Addiction” strings are ONLY for players in China, as seen by the following string.

TencentPlayTimeLimit: Opps, you are currently beyond your time limit to play due to the anti-addiction requirements for minor accounts.”

A lot of players still worry if the idea would be implemented in the game worldwide. But, this is an unlikely speculation though.

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