Twitch Streamer Damages Gaming Set-up After Aggressive Attempt for Donations

Gamers are prone to outbursts, regardless of whether the camera is live or not.

Such is the case of Twitch star danglingsak, who agreed to slam his desk for donations, bits, and follows.

However, one round of aggressive slams led to destruction on his streaming set-up.

Rising streamers have to resort to all sorts of publicity stunts if they want to gain a following. To make streaming as a full-time career, they have to pour in twice as much effort as established streamers for their names to be considered on the “to watch out for” list.

Hence, it’s an uncommon thing to see small streamers doing hilarious and wacky stunts for their viewers. It can be doing funny dares from their chat, trolling someone in their match, or pouring a gimmicky liquid over their head.

On danglingsak’s March 2 broadcast though, he was boldly offering desk slams for each donation, bits, and follow.

He has been doubling two slams for 100 bits he receives, and after a raid — a viewer went to ask how much would it cost for 10 slams.

The streamer revealed doing so would be equivalent to 500 bits. After receiving the said amount, he was set on to aggressively slam his desk.

Only a few slams into the beating, danglingsak was startled after a huge crash in which a loud bang was then heard.

“Oh f**k, god damn it, oh f**k, oh my God,”

The Twitch star frantically expressed, as he stood up from his chair and surveyed the apparent damage.

His chat was in an uproar and continued to ask what was smashed. The disoriented bloke was still in a state of shock, and had to wait for a while before he could resume playing his Rainbow Six: Siege match.

It was then revealed what had been destroyed in his stunt. Fortunately, it was not his desk or his PC set-up. He knocked down a lamp situated behind his set-up. Glass debris had gone everywhere on the floor and surrounding area, hence he needed to clean it up.

Regardless of the mess he’s created, he slammed his desk again shortly after receiving a donation. He was a bit cautious this time around, though.

“Let me hold the lamp first,” 

The Twitch streamer hilariously said before he went bashing down with his fist once more.

It seems like danglingsak wasn’t too concerned about the damage he’s created. He was a bit startled when it happened, but continues to remain unbothered after finding out it was his lamp that received the damage.

If it were his PC set or any other expensive valuables — the narrative might have changed a bit.

Perhaps the scenario will serve as a warning for the rising streamer to make sure there’s nothing around him that can be damaged while he throws a hilarious fit, if ever he attempts to do such a stunt again.

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