Who is Neekolul? Twitch Streamer Turned TikTok Sensation

You may have seen the circulating viral TikTok clip featuring an internet girl acting all cutesy…

Maybe one with a Bernie 2020 crop top and Senzawa’s “oki doki boomer” song? If so, that’s Neekolul.

Who is Neekolul?

Neekolul is a 22 year old Texas-based Twitch starlet originating from Mexico.

She has put her business degree on hold to pursue full-time streaming in the last years. Her early attempt at forming an audience began by playing various games like Dead By Daylight, Chess, and League of Legends.

It wasn’t until her TikTok clips swept the internet world off their feet that people began to wonder, who is she?

From Twitch to TikTok

It’s not new for Twitch streamers to jump into the TikTok craze. For instance, Fortnite star Ninja and Twitch streamer Pokimane are also posting TikTok clips of their own.

Neekolul is only another rising Twitch streamer who became an internet sensation for her TikTok videos.

As a result, her content has seen an explosive success across popular social media channels like Twitter and Instagram.

The online personality only took her career to the next level by taking part in the craze and fortunately for her, the hype seems to be working in her favor.

Oki doki boomer

Neeko’s first viral TikTok clip was her lip-syncing to Senzawa’s “oki doki boomer” while wearing a Bernie 2020 croptop which she posted on Twitter.

“Okie BOOMER KEKW #Bernie2020”

As of writing, the clip has garnered over 26.M views on the platform.

The viral clip boosted the streamer’s fame across social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. In fact, her average viewership only increased after her viral TikTok post.

She has been enjoying an explosion in viewer activity, interaction, and even donations on Twitch.

Simping approved

Another viral clip from the streamer was where she claimed there was nothing wrong with ‘Simping’.

In case you don’t know, simping is the act of being a little too nice and getting close to online girls with underlying personal benefits.

“Girls deserve to be worshipped, alright? Not saying specifically me, okay? But girls should be worshipped.”

“It doesn’t mean you’re a simp. Simping isn’t bad, simping is king sh*t. You’re a king if you’re not afraid to simp.”

Some fans found themselves in conflict at the part where she mentioned how girls should be worshipped.

While others agree that girls certainly deserve to be loved & respected, they do not share the same sentiment when it comes to being worshipped.

“Girls deserve to be treated as people. They do NOT deserve to be loved and respected. That is earned and based on an individual basis. If they, as an individual, deserve to be respected & loved. Then do so. Not because they are a woman.”

To continue her viral fame streak, Neekolul posts more iconic TikTok videos and covers to entertain her audience. And to date, it’s working!

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