Valkyrae Opens Up on Why She’s Been Having a “Rough” Time Since Youtube Move

Valkyrae opens up to her fans why she’s having a “rough” time lately: finding it hard to stream, dealing with her recent move to Youtube, and the end of her four-year relationship.

In January, the 100 Thieves star made a major move in her career. She left Twitch for Youtube, citing financial security and more creative freedom as the reasons for her decision.

Shortly after, she also moved out of the 100T content house (although staying with the org as one of its core members still).

The past few months have been a series of adjustment and transition for the content creator.

In an emotional stream on March 2, she also revealed her split with long-term boyfriend Michael “sonii” Sherman.

This is the couple’s second high-profile separation in nine months.

She has also been struggling with the rather “rough” move to Youtube, and has been having a hard time to stream lately.

“I’m not playing games right now, I just really wanted to stream and open up a bit on all of this with you.”

“I’ve already cried gallons and gallons of tears. I’ve lost so much weight, I’m just skinny. I’ve just been so low.”

Moving away from Twitch has been a “difficult” time for her. Add that to moving out to a new house alongside her boyfriend – the past month has been rather hectic for the star.

The couple also discovered that they had “noisy” neighbors there, which keeps them up at night. Her plans on staying at the 100T content house more has also been shelved.

“It’s been hard on me… I really thought I was ready for this. I got really stressed and scared because I did plan on living in the 100 Thieves house, I didn’t plan on living here, so obviously this was supposed to be my office.”

Valkyrae and Sonii also came to a point where they talked about their relationship. They both agreed to make a final call: Michael will move out of the house, and the pair would stop communicating with each other.

“Michael, my boyfriend of four years, we’ve been having a lot of issues with the neighbors… anyway, he’s moving away. In the past weeks, we’ve been trying to decide whether we should still be together. It’s just not working.”

With all that’s happening in her life at the same time, Valkyrae’s Youtube career has been put to a post.

She even took a three-day sabbatical away from social media, before revealing it felt “weird” to stop her online presence completely.

“All this is why I haven’t really been streaming, and I haven’t been focusing. I hope that makes sense. I’m sorry for neglecting you guys, I’ve been a bad streamer and content creator. I feel really guilty about that too.”

“I know I’ve been absent, and I’m sorry. I’m going to work on being better… the switch from YouTube has made me feel like I’m on an island, but I want to fix that now. I want to focus on being better now, and I will focus on myself for once.”

Fans may have to wait a while and make do with Valkyrae’s current staggered schedule, as she also needs some time to heal and recover from all that’s happening.

For the first time in 15 years, the Youtube star will again adapt to single life. Perhaps she’s getting ready for the new stage of her life.

“This will be a good time for me now to focus on working, streaming.”

May Valkyrae come back to her usual streaming activities stronger than ever!

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