Logan Paul Under Fire for Making Abortion Diss

While Youtuber Logan Paul has been a little too quiet on his social media accounts lately, the controversial internet sensation is under fire once again.

What did he do or say to ignite controversy this time?

Youtuber Logan Paul is facing backlash online over an anti-abortion comment he made during a UK press conference with his fellow content creator, KSI.

The pair were in East London last Monday evening (October 7) for an insult-slinging match ahead of their scheduled fight next month.

KSI, whose real name is Olajide William ‘JJ’ Olatunji, brought up Logan’s controversial past which includes an infamous video blog featuring a dead body in Japan’s suicide forest. Adding more fuel to the fire, he also presented a dog which identically resembled Logan’s recently deceased Pomeranian.

This only brought the tension higher between the two.

The host of the conference, True Geordie, then asked Logan what his rivalry with KSI meant to him. At this point, the Youtuber responded:

I might kill this man.

Y’all may not know it but JJ’s on his fifth abortion. His fifth. That’s five babies dead.

And I think I might return the favor. And I might kill you. I might end you. I’mma light you on fire, bro.

While KSI did not immediately respond to the abortion comments, several viewers took it on across social media channels to express their irate reaction.

Abortion should not be brought up as a mere diss, one Twitter user said. Another one tweeted: It is a woman’s right and their personal choice, not his, so he better not get involved.

Many fans weren’t happy when the Youtuber used a possibly traumatic experience among women as diss to further his beef with KSI. It’s also important to note how many young girls are a part of Logan’s usual audience – so promoting the idea that abortions are disgusting and shameful should not be encouraged lightly.

Logan Paul is a Youtuber who is no stranger to online controversy. He’s wildly famous among a young demographic while remaining to be decidedly unpopular with older viewers and social media aficionados.

His Youtube channel is close to hitting 20 million subscribers. He is best known for his infamous prank videos, which includes faking his own violent death and tasering two dead rats.

It’s hard to predict what Logan is going to do or say next. It’s more difficult to predict how people will react to it.

Because of this, the hashtag #LoganPaulIsOverParty trended on Twitter once more. This hashtag denouncing the Youtuber has been going on more often for the past year.

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