Pokimane Explains Why She Doesn’t Stream Fortnite Anymore

Considered as one of the most iconic Fortnite stars, Pokimane is famous for her streams on the titular gameplay.

Just recently, she unveiled to the world her exclusive in-game emote called “The Poki”. It was based on her viral dance moves on TikTok.

So why did the streamer decide to stop streaming the game completely?

Poki explains why: she doesn’t get the same “kick” from playing the game in front of her thousand regular viewers.

It might be the reason why she’s practically on a “Fortnite hiatus”, as she stopped streaming the game for quite some time now.

It’s only understandable how the star is starting to enjoy playing the game less and less — at least on stream.

The battle royale game can be rather repetitive at some point, or so many gamers agree in unison.

But on her February 3 Youtube video, she further explained the reason behind her decision — and it’s not just because the game is getting boring and repetitive.

“I feel like I can play it for a few hours, but I don’t really like to stream it… I get a million stream snipers, and then I want to cry.”

Pokimane has been notoriously targeted by a lot of stream snipers and trolls who are aiming to get their names exposed on stream.

Besides, online trolls want nothing more than free publicity.

Poki is considered as the most popular girl streamer on Twitch, and being a part of her clips— even when seen as a nuisance — is somewhat of an achievement for some gamers.

These players who try to get into Poki’s streams by stream sniping actually make the game less enjoyable for the star.

At times, she’s targeted by a dozen of players every match who wants to get their five seconds of fame in the killfeed.

In turn, this gives her very little time to actually enjoy the game like she used to.

But that’s not the end of Pokimane’s opinions about Fortnite’s current state. She further says in the video:

“I feel like Fortnite hasn’t released anything in a minute,” referring to the game’s lack of content updates since the release of Chapter 2.

This sentiment has been shared by pro Fortnite players and streamers alike.

The stream snipers and the lack of content have made the Fortnite gaming experience boring as of late, so other players began to defect to other games like Escape from Tarkov.

Fellow Twitch streamer Tfue echoed Poki’s exact sentiments:

“I’m going to play Tarkov obviously, I’m not playing f**king Fortnite, it’s so boring… Even when I was on zero ping it was f**king boring dude. They need to come out with a new season ASAP bro.”

Epic Games is yet to deliver the content most players are asking from the game’s second chapter.

The good news is, the next season is only a couple of weeks away. Fornite’s Chapter 2: Season 2 is set to be released on February 20.

Epic Games might drop something up their sleeves to make the game exciting to play again for many, or find a solution to the prevalent stream sniping issue faced by many streamers like Poki — at the very least.

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