Tfue Reveals the Reason Why He and Corinna Kopf Broke Up… Again

Fortnite pro Tfue explains the reason why he and Corinna Kopf broke up… Again.

This is the second time for the couple to break-up, revealing that one of the reasons behind the recent split was because of their living situation.

The popular Fortnite pro only went public in his relationship with Youtuber Corinna Kopf around March of last year.

Rumors about how the two were romantically involved began way back in December of 2018, when a Twitch streamer claimed to have seen them cozying up at a party together.

Though it took a while for them to publicly confirm they were going out, the pair decided to go separate ways shortly after in July.

This wasn’t the end of their relationship, though. Fortunately for their fans, they got back together not long after.

The pair have created content together on Youtube and Twitch, and even shared some intimate secrets about their relationship.

But during Tfue’s February 1 stream, he confirmed the news himself – revealing the reason why they’d decided to go separate ways once more.

“I mean, yeah, me and Corinna are broken up but we’re still friends… I just don’t want to live in LA and she doesn’t want to live in Florida.”

“She tried to live with me but you know, you can’t just move somewhere and it be ok – you’re leaving all your friends, you don’t have any friends. I mean, I have friends in LA but it’s different.”

Tfue’s news just confirmed fan rumors and speculation that the couple may have split ways.

Both parties took it to Twitter and have posted quite cryptic things, pertaining to their break-up:

Kopf wrote a one-liner tweet “sad”, with a separate tweet attaching a broken heart emoji shortly after.

Tfue also didn’t shy away from his feelings on his newly found freedom:

“Feels weird to be Single 🤷🏼‍♂️”

Kopf has retweeted his tweet, too. The pair seems to remain civil towards each other even after their break-up.

Fans were supportive of Tfue’s journey towards singlehood… for now:

“a real one will come eventually bro bro”
“but remember u are pretty beautiful and have money”
“more money to spent alone less problems, trust me.”

One fan, in particular, even went to joke how the pair will likely get back together in a matter of one week or two:

“y’all will be together next week no worries”

And another one went blunt with Tfue, perhaps telling him the reality of what he needed to hear:

“Bruh y’all already broke up 2/3 times and still got back together. Some ppl just aren’t meant for each other and you need to realize that. If ain’t work the first two times then it’s time to let go”

Tfue and Corinna may decide to give their relationship another try.. for the third time. Or this may just be the end of the famous celebrity couple!

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