DanTDM is Heading to the Big Screen

Youtube superstar DanTDM is bringing his show “DanTDM Presents The Contest” to the big screen.

The gaming show is designed to be an interactive in-cinema event that will provide the guests an engaging gaming experience and immersive story.

For once, you are allowed to use your phones in the cinema without earning the collective judgment and annoyance of the audience.

In fact, you are obliged to use your smartphone if you want to play along with the games on screen.

The show runs on 2nd and 3rd of November in select cinemas across Europe, the UK, Australia, North America, and New Zealand. Tickets go on sale from 4th October.

As for the movie’s synopsis:

“Every 1000 years, an inter-dimensional organization called The E-Federation visits a different dimension to put on The Contest, a huge gaming competition that takes place between three Tribes, all battling for victory. This year, The E-Federation has chosen Earth to hold The Contest and invited DanTDM to be the Host and Marshal.”

A video trailer was also released on Youtube to excite fans and prepare them for what’s waiting for them in the cinemas.

The show has a running time of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Three tribes will battle it out for the championship title: the Arktikan Tribe, the Talonian Tribe, and the Arborean Tribe.

Viewers are then asked which Tribe will they like to join and will they be able to help them win The Contest?

Backstories are also presented as a part of the event. This presents an opportunity to know the story behind each tribe.

The 2019 DanTDM Presents The Contest show hopes to transport you into a whole new world, one that hasn’t even been seen on his Youtube channelhis Youtube channel. It showcases specially-created games, animation, and stories that any fan wouldn’t want to miss.

The man behind this ground-breaking interactive gaming experience is the Youtube Superstar DanTDM, whose real name is Daniel Robert Middleton. To date, the 27-year-old British YouTube personality has over 22.2 million followers on his YT channel.

Middleton’s online video channel has covered many video games, mainly the popular game Minecraft.

In July, the DanTDM Presents The Contest show was hosted as live arena shows across the UK. It was in association with Nintendo Switch. To make it up for fans who couldn’t make it to the live shows, the interactive version just for cinemas will then be held in November this year.

Viewers are also encouraged to wear their tribe colors on the November 2-3 weekend screening.

Find out more about this interactive gaming experience at https://www.dantdmcinema.com/

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